Merson: Arsenal Can Beat United

Merson: Arsenal Can Beat United

Coming to Arsenal’s hot match against Manchester United at the weekend which took place at the Emirates stadium, Paul Merson believes the Gunners are able to achieve perfect points

Such great confidence, because the club that he once defended was in his best performance. Proven two clubs are fairly difficult to conquer the Tottenham Hotspur, Burnley and Huddersfield Town managed to beat both when playing at home and away games.

As a result now the ruler in North London is entitled to be ranked fourth standings while the Premier League competition with 28 points package, and their chances to stay comfortable at the top will be wide open if able to conquer the team made by Jose Mourinho.

Even Reds London legend is convinced Olivier Giroud Cs will appear insistent throughout the match as shown at the time of shaving The Terries on Thursday early morning with a score of 5-0 without reply, and he also believes the eternal rival Spurs could reach 13 consecutive victories again previous.

“Arsenal’s home record is very frightening,” Paul Merson told the media.

“They can play insistently against anyone. Like they did against Huddersfield Town. ”

“I think Arsenal can win 13 consecutive matches. Where they will be in the top four. ”

“That way, I think tomorrow’s 2-1 win for Arsenal.”

Aldridge: United will play defensive during Liverpool herbs

Aldridge: United will play defensive during Liverpool herbs

Coming to face Manchester United weekend which took place at Anfield, John Aldridge predicts the visitors reluctantly appear to attack the total throughout the game

Where the legend believes Jose Mourinho will give direction to Juan Mata Cs to play slowly and try to dismiss every attack that lies in Liverpool through Mohamed Salah and friends.

Although others call the Red Devils will take advantage of the fragility of the Merseyside club’s defensive line is now in the sharp spotlight but 59-year-old man is judging Mou will play a slightly different tactics in order to earn points in the eighth week of advanced Premier League competition.

But he also felt Liverpool could have achieved the perfect points in the cage if the front line trio besutan Juergen Klopp able to damage the back line of United.

“I have seen some opinions that United will come to Anfield to play an all-out attack,” John Aldridge told the media.

“Be aware! There is a possibility that it will only be zero percent, believe me !. Where it is not in the composition of Jose Mourinho’s strategy.

“The game will be a bit of pampering, slowing down and trying to outrage their opponents. He is not like a cup of tea because you will know, but he does it well.

“You see the player he brought for United and this tells himself. They all know how they combine it.

“My letters, Bailly, Matic, Ibrahimovic are definitely the names Mourinho wants. A strong, physical team that can fight with anyone.

“It was a challenge for Liverpool and what they had to face first and foremost. If they want to play, they have to get it.

“Even so, I still see that there is a weakness in United’s defense. I know their notes on paper are good but can be broken. De Gea is a great goalkeeper but he needs more than Mourinho wants, I’m sure.

“If Liverpool can use Mane, Salah and Coutinho then there will be a chance I believe that.”

Ronaldo Asks Real Madrid to Recruit Sporting Midfielder

Ronaldo Asks Real Madrid to Recruit Sporting Midfielder

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly has asked Real Madrid president Florentino Perez to recruit William Carvalho from Sporting Lisbon. Carvalho is Ronaldo’s teammate in Portugal.

Carvalho is the original product of the Sporting academy, just like Ronaldo. He made his debut in the senior team in the 2011 season.

His work with Sporting provoked interest from several other European clubs. West Ham United, Manchester City and Manchester United are the clubs that are rumored to be interested.

Carvalho reportedly also wanted to move to the Premier League. But as reported by Sports Mole, Ronaldo was more wanted Carvalho move to Real Madrid.

For that matter, Ronaldo was called to have asked Florentino Perez to recruit Carvalho. According to the transfermarkt site, Carvalho has a contract with Sporting until June 2020 and with a transfer price of 22.5 million pounds sterling.

With the rest of the contract still three more seasons, the price of Carvalho is likely to rise. Real Madrid had to spend more in if they want to recruit Carvalho.

Old Trafford Will Beat Wembley

Old Trafford Will Beat Wembley

Manchester United plan to increase the capacity of the audience at their headquarters, Old Trafford, to 88,000 seats. This means the Theater of Dreams, nicknamed Old Trafford, beat Wembley.

Currently Old Trafford has a capacity of 75,000 spectators, who put him as the biggest stadium for a club in England. That number is only lost to Wembley who has a capacity of 90,000 people or 86,000 spectators specially football matches.

Therefore, Man United’s management plans to add another 13,000 seats to Old Trafford. That way, the Theater of Dreams capacity becomes 88,000 spectators, bigger than Wembley for football matches.

Reporting from Express, Man United want to add seats because there is a reduction in capacity due to the new section of the stadium for difabel fans who are rumored to be completed by 2020. That part will reduce the capacity of Old Trafford to 73.300 people.

For this reason, Man United plans to add a seat in the southern tribune. The team is nicknamed the Red Devils are also rumored to be exploring the possibility of making an area outside the stadium for fans who missed the tickets into the stadium in order to watch from outside.

Since last season, there were 2,000 tickets secured from brokers who then received a three-year sentence should not come to the stadium for those caught selling tickets back. Security of the stadium is also reportedly will be tightened, especially about ticket brokers and supporters who carry a flare (flare).

Part of the stadium containing fans away away was filled with a flare when Man United faced Basel in Champions League last month. The club is said to be ready with a new strategy to tackle the problem of the cigarette including by deploying a raiding dog that can detect the object.

The Red Devils will also make new initiatives regarding food. They will donate all the leftovers from the day’s sales to charity and the homeless.

Persib Not Worried about Ezechiel and Essien Contracts

Persib Not Worried about Ezechiel and Essien Contracts

Manager Persib Bandung, Umuh Muchtar, said that cooperation contract two foreign stars Maung Bandung, Ezechiel N’Douassel and Michael Essien, will run out after the competition 1st League 2017 Agen Bola Sbobet.

“Only one year until the season is settled,” said Umuh when met after silahturahmi with West Java Police Chief and Commander III Siliwangi on Jalan Trunojoyo, Bandung, Tuesday (26/09/2017).

Umuh added, the contract of both players is planned to be extended for the next season. However, until now management has not fenced them.

The man, known for his mustaches, admits he is not worried about the two star players moving to another club even though some clubs are blatantly glancing at Essien and Ezechiel.

“Quiet aja, who does not want in Persib, sorry sorry ya,” he admitted.

Umuh said, since the club financially improved, Persib never experience the bitter experience left behind by players.

“The player who is already in Persib mah rarely run away, Justu who came out of Persib want to go back again like Spaso (Ilja Spasojevic),” he concluded.

According to Mourinho, There are Four Reasons Manchester United Fans Back Happy

According to Mourinho, There are Four Reasons Manchester United Fans Back Happy

Jose Mourinho believes Manchester United fans are happy again as usual. That’s when their beloved team plays beautiful football, financially strong, rapport with good fans and achievers.

Manchester United’s reputation as an entertaining team in the field faded after Sir Alex Ferguson retired. The typical style of play against United is very bad under David Moyes and also Louis van Gaal.

Meanwhile, in his first season at Old Trafford, Jose Mourinho is also considered not able to restore it.

However, after getting the EFL Cup trophy and Europa League last season, Mourinho’s team this season back to play attack. Of all the competition they have bagged 23 goals.

And behind those remarkable figures, United recorded a record profit of 581.2 million Pounds Sterling (About Rp 10.47 trillion). The club is rampant again.

Manchester United travel to Southampton headquarters tonight (23/9), the club they beat 3-2 at Wembley in February to lift the League Cup trophy and revive the Mourinho era.

“I do not think about such specific moments to win a certain competition,” Mourinho said when asked about the game against Southampton quoted from (22/9).

When asked about the club’s profits, he replied: “I think this is something global in financially strong club. Better than ever based on numbers, ”

Mourinho feels his side are improving now, not only in terms of outcome but also in their style of play. In addition, the player relationship with his fans is also more powerful.

“The football team is improving not only in terms of results, but also with certain style of play,” added Mourinho. The relationship between the players, the team, the fans look stronger, ”

“There are many reasons Manchester United fans around the world have smiled back on the previous appeal, so I think it’s about globality.” (Source:

3 Young Strikers That Will Increase Pamor Serie A

Pamor Serie A Italian League now began to improve pascakasus calciopoli that occurred in 2006. Slowly but surely, lovers of football re-excited to watch AC Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan, and others compete.

Of course there are a number of factors that cause it. First is the massive revolution made AC Milan. According to Corriere dello Sport, at the beginning of this season alone, there has been an increase of 21,000 spectators. This number is predicted to continue to increase if Vincenzo Montella’s club was able to carve out this season’s achievements.

The second factor is the achievements of Juventus in the Champions League in the last three years. The Bianconeri twice broke through the final even though it ended in defeat. Thanks to that achievement, starting next season, the Serie A vice ranks for the Champions League plus four, with three teams qualifying automatically.

The third factor is the presence of world class star players, such as Paulo Dybala, Leonardo Bonucci, Gianluigi Buffon, Lorenzo Insigne, Ivan Perisic, Andrea Belotti, and many more. Their existence is believed to make the public of football to keep up with the development of the Italian League.

Beyond these three factors, at least there is one more thing that causes the Italian League to remain attractive, namely the number of talented young players who have demonstrated the quality. These young players are able to compete with the players who are older than them. Remarkably again, many of those whose age is still under 20 years old is still considered teenagers.

Indeed, these teenagers occupy various positions, ranging from goalkeeper to striker. For this time, summarizes three of them playing as stickers. The three attackers are predicted to shine in the future, especially when viewed from four weeks that have rolled in Serie A this season. Here’s the list.

Patrick Cutrone

AC Milan-Cagliari

From a series of names, one of the most attention-grabbing is AC Milan striker Patrick Cutrone. He was only 19 years old, but he has been able to penetrate the senior team of AC Milan since January.

Unmitigated, Cutrone even lowered as a starter in three Serie A matches and two Europa League Qualifying matches. He also answered the belief by scoring 4 goals and 2 assists from a total of 8 appearances so far.

Before being summoned to the senior team, Cutrone had already succeeded in the Milan Primavera. He scored 43 goals and 6 assists in 67 appearances.

Moise Kean

Moise Kean, Wonderkid Juventus Occupy Premier League Club

Next there is Moise Kean. The Italian-Ivorian-blooded player of the season is on loan to Verona by Juventus for one season. The decision was taken so he could get more flying hours for the development of the game.

Age Kean is currently 17 years 6 months 13 days. As far as four weeks have rolled, he has not scored a single goal. He has just downed two times with a total of 108 minutes playing.

However, Kean can not be underestimated. Last season he already proved himself with Juventus. He is played in three Serie A games and once in the Champions League. From that opportunity, he scored one goal in the Italian league. Total, at all levels, last season he appeared in 24 games, scored 14 goals and 5 assists.

Kean is currently incorporated in the Italian Under-17 national team, with a record of 8 goals in 17 caps. Since September 1, he was also given the opportunity to strengthen U-19 national team.

Pietro Pellegri

The young striker Genoa, Pietro Pellegri steals the public attention of Italian football over the weekend. The new 16-year-old scored two goals against Lazio. Amazingly, Pellegrini is not revealed as a starter in the game. He just entered in 33 minutes, replacing Adrian Ricardo Centurion.

“This is a dream come true that I have had since childhood. This is an important night for me and my dad, “Pellegrini told Mediaset Premium, after the game.

Pellegrini is a player of the academy of Genoa. He is the son of Marco Pellegrini, Genoa coach, Ivan Juric. His success was inseparable from his father’s guidance.

“My father has always been guiding my career since I was little. He always drove me the exercise, even though it was cold and rainy. He is the one who always keeps me on the right track in football, while my mother convinces me to go to school, “added the teenager who idolized Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Walker Praise Manchester City Performance

Walker Praise Manchester City Performance

Manchester City defender Kyle Walker gave praise to his club’s performance Agen Judi.

According to Walker, The Citizen successfully prove its quality in front of thousands of Feyenoord fans who almost meet the Feijenoord Stadium.

In last night’s game, the former Tottenham defender saw his teammates be in a fit condition and filled with strong ambitions.

Walker said, “I feel happy City are able to achieve a perfect victory over Feyenoord.”

“But surely this is not enough to bring the City won the Champions League title.”

“I myself am convinced there is a difficult game awaiting us.”

“But if you play very well, then surely the strongest opponent can be overcome.”

Walker Praise Manchester City Performance

Walker Praise Manchester City Performance

Manchester City defender Kyle Walker gave praise to his club’s performance Agen Judi.

According to Walker, The Citizen successfully prove its quality in front of thousands of Feyenoord fans who almost meet the Feijenoord Stadium.

In last night’s game, the former Tottenham defender saw his teammates be in a fit condition and filled with strong ambitions.

Walker said, “I feel happy City are able to achieve a perfect victory over Feyenoord.”

“But surely this is not enough to bring the City won the Champions League title.”

“I myself am convinced there is a difficult game awaiting us.”

“But if you play very well, then surely the strongest opponent can be overcome.”

Match Results: Valencia 0-0 Atletico Madrid (La Liga)

Match Results: Valencia 0-0 Atletico Madrid (La Liga)

Valencia vs Atletico MAdrid, Saturday, September 9, 2017, at 21:15 pm, Estadio de Mestalla, Valencia.

A 0-0 draw ended Valencia’s encounter against Atletico Madrid on the 3rd jornada, La Liga.

Results that make just 1 point extra on each team. Valencia points are temporarily tempted to be top 5 of these results, while Atletico points also become 5.

The next game Valencia on the 4th jornada is a visit to Levante headquarters. Kick off will start on Saturday, September 16, 2017, at 18:00 pm.

While Atletico will host Malaga on Sunday, 17 September 2017, at 1:45 pm.

3 Indonesian national team players U-19 This So Threat Philippines

3 Indonesian national team players U-19 This So Threat Philippines

After the success of Myanmar, Indonesia U-19 national team has been waiting for the Philippines in the next game. The Philippines match counter Garuda Nusantara takes place tonight at local time at Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon, Mynamar in advanced Group B AFF Cup U-18 2017.

In the match against Myanmar, Indra Sjafri’s troops show their quality. Indonesia U-19 national team dominated control of the ball up to 67 percent and launched 25 shots, 10 of which led to the goal.

Even so, Egy Maulana Vikri and his friends clearly should not be negligent. The reason is, the Philippines save a dangerous power of shock, especially their attack line. The Philippines had twice the lead over Brunei Darussalam, before losing 2-3.

Mariano Suba and Tacardon are the Filipino goalscorers in the match against Brunei. However, Garuda Nusantara also has a row of players who become a threat for The Young Azkals.

Three key players Indonesian national team U-19 can be a differentiator in the game later. Egy Maulana Vikri, Saddil Ramdani, and Hanis Saghara shine against Myanmar and potentially repeat it.

1.Egy Maulana Vikri

Indonesian national team player U-19, Egy Maulana Vikri. ( Sikumbang)
Egy had a great chance to break the Philippine goalkeeper. Not just any predictions, statistics and performance in the fight against Myanmar could be one of consideration.

Players from Medan that play more flexible, or versatille in the stronghold of Indonesia. Egy can be placed as a second striker or attacking midfielder. In fact, the original position is winger.

The 17-year-old scored twice against Myanmar. The accuracy of the operand reaches 74 percent. It becomes proof Egy is the foundation of the U-19 national team Indonesia.

2.Saddil Ramdani

Saddil Ramdani has a wonderful memory when Filipino opponents are at U-22 level. Persela Lamongan player scored beautiful goals and became one of Indonesia’s 3-0 star victory over the Philippines in SEA Games 2017 ago.

His experience is very useful when strengthen U-19 national team opponents Philippines later. He certainly already knows the typical game of his opponent’s candidate.

The speed and experience of Saddil required Indra Sjafri to tear down the Philippine defense. It is worth waiting for the action at Thuwunna Stadium, Thursday (7/8) later.

3.Hanis Saghara

Hanis gets enough praise after the game against Myanmar. Although not scored, several times he opens opportunities. One of them was 24 minutes when he worked with Saddil who unfortunately did not bear sweet.

Its performance as the spearhead of the team is very much taken into account. Hanis is predicted to be one of Indonesia’s future strikers.

Nevertheless, Hanis should be more mobile again on the front lines. His cooperation with Egy is good. Only, the final solution is less sharp. He at least fired six shots, but did not bear maximum opponents of Myanmar.

Ozil Determined to Offer an Important Degree

Ozil Determined to Offer an Important Degree

Playmaker Arsenal, Mesut Ozil insists that his team can still compete win the Premier League trophy this summer Agen Bola.

Of the six top teams of the Gunners club who fairly started the season quite bad because after successfully defeating Leicester City with a final score of 4-3 two subsequent matches actually swallow each defeat of Stoke City and surrendered 4-0 against Liverpool. As a result they are now ranked 16th of the standings with just packing three points.

The unsatisfactory early season record made the North London club in doubt to win the domestic league this summer. But the 28-year-old defender in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers is determined to give the English Premier League title last time in 2004.

“Although I initially struggled when it came to the Premier League, I accepted the challenge. I started out as a left winger at the beginning and frankly I’m not an admirer of that position where I prefer to play in position number 10. The reason when I play in the middle I can control the game and generate chances, “Mesut Ozil said in his Instagram account.

“The Premier League is physically much more demanding than La Liga or Bundesliga. The 1-1 draw is much more difficult and the smaller clubs also have a very strong team which can easily trouble you. In addition, there is no winter vacation, which means the season is very long and tiring especially when you play at European and National level as well.

“We have achieved many things in four years with us where three of the 13 wins in the FA Cup have been achieved in the last four years and 10 others have taken 75 years for the club to win. This is the addition of our three Community Shield.

“After all, six titles in four years is pretty much. However, there are those who make myself and the team more disappointed because it does not berprena in the title race last season. This is something we hope to change this year. “

Mirabelli: Milan Want to Open a New Era

Mirabelli: Milan Want to Open a New Era

AC Milan director Massimiliano Mirabelli admitted that his team is trying to create a new era within the club.

Milan managed to bring in 11 new players in the transfer market this summer, and Mirabelli hopes his work is enough to make his team a good achievement.

“I read newspapers, and some people say we still lack a winger and a midfielder who can play wide. I hope the two positions, is the only thing wrong from our team. I think we have done a good job, because doing 11 players’ purchases is not an easy job. ”

“The team needs to be put together, so we can not put too many new faces into the team. On the other hand, January is only shortly thereafter, and we’re ready [to confront the winter transfer market]. ”

“We intend to open a new era. So crucially for us, keeping the average age in our squad, at the right numbers. We have medium-term objectives, and long-term objectives. But naturally, we did not even think about repeating our work in the transfer market this summer. “

Klopp: I’ve Been Monitor Chamberlain Since 2014

Klopp: I’ve Been Monitor Chamberlain Since 2014

Liverpool tactician Jurgen Klopp claimed to have monitored the development of his new recruit, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain three years ago.

Where, then when he was still handling Borussia Dortmund and the coach was very impressed with his appearance when his former team meet Arsenal in Champions League competition, which at the same time also made him try to memboyongnya.

The result came true this summer as the Merseyside coach and the 24-year-old joined the squad with a long-term contract ahead of the transfer window closing on Thursday for a fee of £ 40 million. Where expected his arrival could help the team win the Premier League this season and surprise the Champions League.

After his team managed to bring him on time, the 50-year-old German was really happy now to work with Chambo and Jurgen believe with the quality and experience that the player already has to give something positive for his team.

“I’m really happy, we’ve got Alex. Since the last game I have been waiting and hope to make this transfer and when I get word that he is our player, then it is fantastic. “Jurgen Klopp said on the club’s official website.

“I remember the first time I saw him play in Dortmund in 2014 and he came on as a substitute at that time and made a big impact. With his speed, skill and attitude in a big game for a young player.

“I remember him chasing back to make a brilliant challenge on Mkhitaryan inside the penalty box.

“We won the game but lost in the next match at Arsenal when he was a starter and played well. I think he has a chance against the goalpost. Since then I have followed him and when I heard it was possible to sign it, I do not need to think twice.

“I heard a lot of talk about position but let’s talk about that player. He is a man of great ability who always gives everything to his team. A positive and risky player to try and make positive results happen.

“He may be young but he has a lot of experience in the Premier League, Champions League and his country. He is a very good player and I think he has the mentality and desire to be better and it encourages me. “

Koke: Everyone at Atletico Wants Diego Costa Back …

Koke: Everyone at Atletico Wants Diego Costa Back …

Atletico Madrid midfielder, Koke, hopes his club can repatriate Diego Costa from Chelsea.

Costa certainly did not enter the plan Manager Antonio Conte for the 2017-2018 season. The trigger is a bad relationship between Costa and Conte since last season.

In fact, Costa was thrown off in an unpleasant way. The Spanish international claims Conte has made it through a short message to get him to find a new club.

Costa, once an Atletico star, was not interested in going to another club. The Brazilian-born player admitted he only wanted to return to the Spanish capital club.

Atletico players welcomed the news with joy. One of the positive responses came from Koke.

“Everyone here wants Diego Costa back, but the situation is very complicated,” Koke said as quoted by from Football Espana.

Atletico is exposed to a transfer embargo until January 2018. The situation makes Los Rojiblancos can not register new players until the winter transfer market later.

“If it comes, he will really help us because it already knows the ins and outs of this team,” said 25-year-old player.

Atletico have already got Sevilla winger Vitolo but can not be registered in the team because of the penalty.

Ibrahimovic Want Back Again With MU

Ibrahimovic Want Back Again With MU

Being in the process of injury recovery, do not break the spirit of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, to immediately go down to compete and won the trophy back together with Manchester United Judi Bola.

The figure of 36-year-old veteran attacker finally decided to stay for at least the next year along with the Red Devils, although he had been linked with the possibility of competing in MLS with LA Galaxy.

He is currently known to be in the process of recovering ligament injuries on his knee, and he feels very grateful to gain the confidence of the Management of United and Jose Mourinho, to stay at Old Trafford although still in the process of recovery.

Speaking to the media about his current situation, the former Inter Milan striker and Paris Saint Germain stated, “I will return. Back to finish what I started.

“It’s been the intention of myself and the desire of the club to keep working together this season. We have the same thoughts, and I am willing to stay for this club.

“I feel very impatient to be back grazing, playing in front of the supporters at Old Trafford. However, I do not want to be too pushy at the moment.

“I also have to understand the decision of the medical team, and also with my own condition. I will not play if the conditions are not possible. My current focus is only to recover the injury before returning to play.

“I have been working hard with the medical team, trying to recover this injury sooner than my predefined schedule. And if the time comes, I will prove that I am still an important part of this club. ”

Throughout the 2016-2017 season, the Swedish player proved himself still a keen attacker in Europe, with 28 goals scored from various competitions passed with United, which is also accompanied by a score of 10 assists.

Bakayoko Still Needs to Adapt

Bakayoko Still Needs to Adapt

Chelsea’s new midfielder, Tiemoue Bakayako admits he still needs time to adapt to the English Premier League and his team.

Previously, Bakayoko able to look great with Monaco last season and diajang Ligue 1, which at once the Blues in this summer immediately memboyongnya.

However, after getting his playing minutes in a 2-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur last weekend. The 23-year-old player still needs adaptation.

“Yes, I survived. Of course, it’s not easy, I need to get the rhythm. The Premier League is very different from Ligue 1, “Tiemoue Bakayoko told the media.

“I have to see it from the first minute, so I have to be ready, in general I am a little mixed up my game. I have a beautiful moment, but there is also a bad moment.

“As I said, I need to get the rhythm. This is the first laha since the injury, but will soon recover. But I’m happy overall. “

These Terms Must Be Fulfilled Eden Hazard If You Want to Achieve Ballon d’Or

These Terms Must Be Fulfilled Eden Hazard If You Want to Achieve Ballon d’Or

Eden Hazard is considered almost perfect to be a candidate winner Ballon D’Or with all pencapainnya with Chelsea until now. For Radja Nainggolan, the agile winger must boost his goal goal to make his full range of specifications.

Since Ricardo Kaka became the winner of the 2007 edition, the Ballon D’Or automatic event is something that Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi deserve only. For the superstars of Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the golden ball trophy is just like a compulsory achievement at the end of the year. Although many footballers are also great, until now still no one can stop the dominance that has been running almost a decade.

Together with a number of other potential players, Hazard is said to be a serious contender for the duopoly of Ronaldo-Messi. Endowed skill mumpuni and play in Premier League class competition should be so good capital of this wing attackers from Belgium, at least to enter the top three. However, this has never been achieved. If you want more reckoned again, called Hazard must be more ferocious in front of the opponent’s goal like the discourse of Nainggolan.

“I think Hazard has the capacity to win it. To me he is very talented and is a great player, “said Nainggolan on CNN Sport.

“He was able to bring the difference on the pitch, but what made him different from Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi was the number of goals they scored,”

“So that’s the only difference. Because Hazard, say the moment, entered the top five world’s top players, “said energetic midfielder AS Roma is also compatriot Hazard in this Belgian national team.

In the last season as many as 16 goals can be printed Hazard in the Premier League which is so best raihan since joining the Blues five years ago. However, this is not the best achievement in terms of productivity because while still costumed OSC Lille in 2011/2012 and brother of Thorgan Hazard is able to menjaringka 20 goals in Ligue 1. With Ronaldo who in 2016/2017 scored 25 goals in La Liga while Messi, then Hazard’s path to Ballon D’Or still seems to need even more effort. (Goal)

Inter Reappear Interests Against Martial?

Inter Reappear Interests Against Martial?

Inter are reported to have revived their interest to bring Manchester United striker Anthony Martial Agen Sbobet.

According to the media, Inter are in search of right-back and winger and once again identify the 21-year-old player to fill the final void.

However, this time the deal will not include Ivan Perisic after the Red Devils failed to meet the Nerazzurri request amounting to 55 million Euros.

This came after Inter stepped back in their bid to clinch the signings of Borussia Dortmund players Emre Mor and Yann Karamoh from Caen.

A few days earlier Martial also got an offer from Tottenham Hotspur, but Jose Mourinho’s club refused to make a deal.

The player also listed in the French national team squad came to the Premier League football scene with Man United in 2015 after previously pursed a career with Lyon and AS Monaco.