De Laurentiis: Serie A No Worse From The English League

De Laurentiis: Serie A No Worse From The English League
Aurelio De Laurentiis claims Serie A is no worse than the English Premier League, but must imitate England as a reference Agen casino Online.

The English league is becoming the world’s best-selling league, positioning them as the most competitive league, gaining huge advantage over TV broadcasting rights and most importantly De Laurentiis is playing in the new stadium.

“The English league is the leading league,” the Napoli president said.

“We watched it from pictures and read from various media, but Serie A did not lose: we have fans who give us a lot of passion, though not much broadcast.

“I do not want to question the stadium and their shortcomings, concerning the structure they still have to fix no need to rush to finish it.

“After that, anyone who is at home has the privilege of being a dedicated audience, with innovations being continually applied.

“In this case, we will pursue the Premier League and also narrow the distance with La Liga and Bundesliga.

“Increasing income is also very meaningful, with the aim of investment.”

Aurelio De Laurentiis says Pepe Reina is a fake problem, and he likes young Fiorentina player Federico Chiesa.

De Laurentiis also remembers his club’s performance last season, expressing his hopes for the future and discussing whether Mario Rui or Alex Berenguez will arrive.

“Of course, I hope Napoli can look consistent in terms of less results than the team at the beginning of last season,” said the club president.

“Anyway, we spent a lot of money on injury Milik: Sarri able to cover up the existing shortages, understand the problem Gabbiadini and return Mertens as a striker.

“We also extend the contract of the players, which ensures will last long here.

“That is our policy and I can say that in 14 seasons we never betrayed it: the results can be witnessed by all of you.

“I think Napoli have proven if they can be better than the other teams and the comparison from two seasons ago.

“That can be reflected from the record that we print, the number of points we collect and goals created last season.

“We will start next season with a very young team, which will be much better, thanks to players like Rog, Zielinski, Diawara and also Ounas, who just arrived.

“Reina? That’s a fake problem. Pepe has his contract here.

“Mario Rui or Berenguer? We will decide who will be imported first.

“Berardi? I chose Chiesa, but in the same context, Berardi also has an incredible talent. “

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