Busy Urus Asian Games, Erick Thohir to Release President of Inter Milan

Busy Urus Asian Games, Erick Thohir to Release President of Inter Milan

Erick Thohir insists he will step down from his role as President at Inter Agen Sbobet Casino. However, he also praised the Suning Group for having tripled the financial ability of Inter.

Thohir’s previous position has been marginalized following a purchase made by Sunning Group against Inter’s Inter shareholdings last summer. But Thohir also claimed to have no time for Inter because it currently helps Indonesia in preparing the 2018 Asian Games.

“The Asian Games have forced me out of all my other roles,” Thohir told Tempo, quoted by Football Italia.

“I used to go to Milan every month, but last time I was there in April, so I asked to leave.”

“I need a business partner, and Inter has a lot of fans in China. When Suning’s offer comes up, I think it’s true in terms of finances, but that’s not all. They’ve doubled the club budget. ”

“Football is made up and down, but managing a club like Inter must be sustainable because they have so many fans.”

Then, entrepreneurs engaged in the field of media and event organizer also revealed how he was sad to see Inter achievements that collapsed in last season.

“I’m saddened by how last season, but that’s football.”

“[Suning] asked for my opinion about the players, but I did not get to talk to Coach like before,” said Thohir who also owns shares in MLS, DC United. (Source: Italian Football)

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