5 Interesting Facts About Anyar Defender Barcelona, ​​Nelson Semedo

5 Interesting Facts About Anyar Defender Barcelona, ​​Nelson Semedo

Nelson Semedo became Barcelona’s most expensive player in the transfer market this summer after they brought him from Benfica last week.

Semedo, however, has relatively little high-level experience for a player who was imported by Barcelona for a significant fee. He was 21 years old before debuting in Portugal’s top flight and only played 64 times for Benfica.

As a result, he is a little-known player, and here are five interesting facts about this player.

He played on the street until he was 15 years old

Despite arriving at a great price, just nine years ago, Semedo was still playing football on the streets with his friends. He has been completely ignored by top clubs in the country and does not even play in a standard academy until he is 15 years old.

Previously, Semedo was told that he was too small to be a professional player. But like other talented players, he proves that his stature does not become an obstacle if the effort he gives is no less.

His career threatened to fail even before it started

Career Semedo was hot late, and he almost failed to play in Portugal’s top football. He started his career at Benfica as a midfielder, and when he struggled to achieve his best performance in the role, he thought of leaving.

Had it not been for Helder Cristovao, maybe he had already left Benfica and maybe he would not be at Camp Nou right now.

“He wants to leave Benfica B to join the smaller team because he did not get a chance to play in midfield,” the former Semedo coach told O Jogo.

“I managed to convince him to stay with Benfica and play as right-back. I talked to him and made him understand the opportunities he had. He’s trying to play as a fullback and now he’s rewarded for the effort he’s doing, “he added.

Knee problems have become the problem

Just three months after making his debut for Benfica’s senior team, Semedo was called up to the Portuguese national team. But his experience at international level proved bitter because he suffered a knee injury that kept him from playing for two months.

Semedo had fallen because of the injury he suffered, and had lost a place in the Benfica core team. New in early August 2016 he again able to show his best performance, and almost played in every game that Benfica undertaken.

Andre Gomes influenced his arrival

Andre Gomes may not directly become a star in Barcelona, ​​but as a player who has first felt the play in the highest competition, he was able to convince Semedo to follow his footsteps move to Camp Nou.

Both play together at the Benfica academy, and although Gomes is ahead, he is ready to advise his former team-mates next season.

“I talked to Andre about how big the club was, the good atmosphere in the dressing room and it was very much like a family. I really like what he says and I’m lucky to be here to play with him again, “Semedo said when signing his contract at Camp Nou.

Semedo is an old admirer of Barca

Andre Gomes was not the only person who influenced his move to the Camp Nou. Ronaldinho also indirectly inspired young players to leave for Barcelona.

“I have been watching Barca and Ronaldinho for a long time. He is a player who is admired throughout the world of football. I see it doing great things, and it affects me. I always think of them as the best team in the world, “said Semedo. (Source: Sportskeeda)

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