Shakespeare Proud Of Leicester on Asian Tour

Shakespeare Proud Of Leicester on Asian Tour

Leicester City coach Craig Shakespeare has stated that he is very satisfied with his team’s performance in the pre-season 2017 Live Casino Resmi.

Where, The Foxes managed to be runner up when following the Premier League Asia Trophy tournaments followed by Liverpool, Crystal Palace and West Bromwich Albion. Even in the final game when the Reds meet, Jamie Vardy and his friends could come out as champions of the annual event.

The reason, when meeting the club from Merseyside in Hong Kong stadium, they excel first through Islam Slimani. However, a few minutes later foster children Jurgen Klopp successfully responded the Algerian national team courage respectively through Mohamed Salah and also Philippe Coutinho, which at the same time make them successfully menjurainya.

Despite failing to get the trophy early in the summer, but Craig after the game remains satisfied with what is displayed by his club during his stay in Hong Kong.

“In pre season games, it’s more about the players’ fitness and some players get minutes on the pitch,”

“I think the first half performance was very good from both teams. Where is more dominated by players ofensfi but after we make a change, you can see us in the Liverpool press in the second half but I think we also made some really good chances.

“Overall, I am very happy and I am very proud of the player app. This was our first tour to Asia and we were already in Hong Kong but not more like the time in the UK and we’ve adjusted it really well.

“It’s important now that we have to improve the players’ fitness. Physically and technically, I’m sure we’ll get it a lot better together. At the beginning you are a little unsure, but here the concentration should be right.

“We will reassess. We’ve got a long flight back to England and we’ll give it a little time to recover, no sooner do we have to be in Luton on Wednesday. Hopefully we can be compact in every game and we will be improving. “Craig Shakespeare told the media.

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