Gavin: Asian Cup Qualifiers Make Indonesia Better at SEA Games 2017

Gavin: Asian Cup Qualifiers Make Indonesia Better at SEA Games 2017

Gavin Kwan Adsit has learned a lot from the failure of Indonesia in the U-22 Asian Cup Qualification. He hopes in SEA Games 2017 Indonesia national team will not repeat the same mistakes.

Indonesia was eliminated because it is only ranked third under Malaysia and Thailand. They only picked four points from victory over Mongolia and a draw against Thailand.

Failure of Indonesian national team U-22 in the Asian Cup Qualification U-22 is expected to be a lesson skuat Garuda to perform well in the SEA Games 2017.

“Yesterday against Malaysia and Thailand we have a picture against them. This week we are well prepared for the SEA Games we can get better results, “Gavin said after training at Pelita Harapan School Field, Karawaci, Tuesday (8/7).

While the inaugural match against Thailand on August 15, players from Barito’s club is very optimistic to beat the troops of the White Elephant.

“It was a little muddy, the future situation would be different but we know the players and how they play. So hopefully be able to adapt them in the 2017 SEA Games, “he added.

In addition he also hopes that when the opponents of Thailand later, Luis Milla’s troops did not make a mistake when against Malaysia in the U-22 Asian Cup Qualification.

“The first 25 minutes against Malaysia, we have problems. So this time we have to focus from beginning to end should not be blunders, “he concluded.

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