Klopp: I’ve Been Monitor Chamberlain Since 2014

Klopp: I’ve Been Monitor Chamberlain Since 2014

Liverpool tactician Jurgen Klopp claimed to have monitored the development of his new recruit, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain three years ago.

Where, then when he was still handling Borussia Dortmund and the coach was very impressed with his appearance when his former team meet Arsenal in Champions League competition, which at the same time also made him try to memboyongnya.

The result came true this summer as the Merseyside coach and the 24-year-old joined the squad with a long-term contract ahead of the transfer window closing on Thursday for a fee of £ 40 million. Where expected his arrival could help the team win the Premier League this season and surprise the Champions League.

After his team managed to bring him on time, the 50-year-old German was really happy now to work with Chambo and Jurgen believe with the quality and experience that the player already has to give something positive for his team.

“I’m really happy, we’ve got Alex. Since the last game I have been waiting and hope to make this transfer and when I get word that he is our player, then it is fantastic. “Jurgen Klopp said on the club’s official website.

“I remember the first time I saw him play in Dortmund in 2014 and he came on as a substitute at that time and made a big impact. With his speed, skill and attitude in a big game for a young player.

“I remember him chasing back to make a brilliant challenge on Mkhitaryan inside the penalty box.

“We won the game but lost in the next match at Arsenal when he was a starter and played well. I think he has a chance against the goalpost. Since then I have followed him and when I heard it was possible to sign it, I do not need to think twice.

“I heard a lot of talk about position but let’s talk about that player. He is a man of great ability who always gives everything to his team. A positive and risky player to try and make positive results happen.

“He may be young but he has a lot of experience in the Premier League, Champions League and his country. He is a very good player and I think he has the mentality and desire to be better and it encourages me. “

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