Mirabelli: Milan Want to Open a New Era

Mirabelli: Milan Want to Open a New Era

AC Milan director Massimiliano Mirabelli admitted that his team is trying to create a new era within the club.

Milan managed to bring in 11 new players in the transfer market this summer, and Mirabelli hopes his work is enough to make his team a good achievement.

“I read newspapers, and some people say we still lack a winger and a midfielder who can play wide. I hope the two positions, is the only thing wrong from our team. I think we have done a good job, because doing 11 players’ purchases is not an easy job. ”

“The team needs to be put together, so we can not put too many new faces into the team. On the other hand, January is only shortly thereafter, and we’re ready [to confront the winter transfer market]. ”

“We intend to open a new era. So crucially for us, keeping the average age in our squad, at the right numbers. We have medium-term objectives, and long-term objectives. But naturally, we did not even think about repeating our work in the transfer market this summer. “

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