Old Trafford Will Beat Wembley

Old Trafford Will Beat Wembley

Manchester United plan to increase the capacity of the audience at their headquarters, Old Trafford, to 88,000 seats. This means the Theater of Dreams, nicknamed Old Trafford, beat Wembley.

Currently Old Trafford has a capacity of 75,000 spectators, who put him as the biggest stadium for a club in England. That number is only lost to Wembley who has a capacity of 90,000 people or 86,000 spectators specially football matches.

Therefore, Man United’s management plans to add another 13,000 seats to Old Trafford. That way, the Theater of Dreams capacity becomes 88,000 spectators, bigger than Wembley for football matches.

Reporting from Express BolaSport.com, Man United want to add seats because there is a reduction in capacity due to the new section of the stadium for difabel fans who are rumored to be completed by 2020. That part will reduce the capacity of Old Trafford to 73.300 people.

For this reason, Man United plans to add a seat in the southern tribune. The team is nicknamed the Red Devils are also rumored to be exploring the possibility of making an area outside the stadium for fans who missed the tickets into the stadium in order to watch from outside.

Since last season, there were 2,000 tickets secured from brokers who then received a three-year sentence should not come to the stadium for those caught selling tickets back. Security of the stadium is also reportedly will be tightened, especially about ticket brokers and supporters who carry a flare (flare).

Part of the stadium containing fans away away was filled with a flare when Man United faced Basel in Champions League last month. The club is said to be ready with a new strategy to tackle the problem of the cigarette including by deploying a raiding dog that can detect the object.

The Red Devils will also make new initiatives regarding food. They will donate all the leftovers from the day’s sales to charity and the homeless.

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