Aldridge: United will play defensive during Liverpool herbs

Aldridge: United will play defensive during Liverpool herbs

Coming to face Manchester United weekend which took place at Anfield, John Aldridge predicts the visitors reluctantly appear to attack the total throughout the game

Where the legend believes Jose Mourinho will give direction to Juan Mata Cs to play slowly and try to dismiss every attack that lies in Liverpool through Mohamed Salah and friends.

Although others call the Red Devils will take advantage of the fragility of the Merseyside club’s defensive line is now in the sharp spotlight but 59-year-old man is judging Mou will play a slightly different tactics in order to earn points in the eighth week of advanced Premier League competition.

But he also felt Liverpool could have achieved the perfect points in the cage if the front line trio besutan Juergen Klopp able to damage the back line of United.

“I have seen some opinions that United will come to Anfield to play an all-out attack,” John Aldridge told the media.

“Be aware! There is a possibility that it will only be zero percent, believe me !. Where it is not in the composition of Jose Mourinho’s strategy.

“The game will be a bit of pampering, slowing down and trying to outrage their opponents. He is not like a cup of tea because you will know, but he does it well.

“You see the player he brought for United and this tells himself. They all know how they combine it.

“My letters, Bailly, Matic, Ibrahimovic are definitely the names Mourinho wants. A strong, physical team that can fight with anyone.

“It was a challenge for Liverpool and what they had to face first and foremost. If they want to play, they have to get it.

“Even so, I still see that there is a weakness in United’s defense. I know their notes on paper are good but can be broken. De Gea is a great goalkeeper but he needs more than Mourinho wants, I’m sure.

“If Liverpool can use Mane, Salah and Coutinho then there will be a chance I believe that.”

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