Although Interested in Play in PSIS, Setho Cloud Confirm Staying At Bhayangkara FC

Although Interested in Play in PSIS, Setho Cloud Confirm Staying At Bhayangkara FC

Indonesia U-23 national team goalkeeper, Cloud Setho admitted ready to survive in Bhayangkara FC. Cloud will certainly settle another year in the club owned by the Police of the Republic of Indonesia.

His commitment with Bhayangkara FC as well as denying the hope of PSIS to recruit him next season. Moreover, Mahesa Jenar club does require players who have experienced playing in the highest caste Indonesian football to at least survive in League 1 next season.

Although PSIS is interested in recruiting him, but admittedly the former player of Bali United is actually no communication. It was the underlying thing to survive in the squad nicknamed The Guardian.

“Who does not want to defend the club of the land of birth. But once I have not been contacted by the management (PSIS) so I decided to stay first in Bhangkara FC, “said Cloud Setho met some time ago.

He also had time to be part of the PSIS team to compete in League 2 this season. U-23 national team goalkeeper was loaned Bhayangkara FC to strengthen the team Liga Indonesia 1999 champion.

However, the goalkeeping crisis experienced by The Guardian forced Cloud Setho back in the loan period. Noted players who had strengthened Bali United and Persip Pekalongan it played four times for PSIS.

As for next season, this 20-year-old goalkeeper claimed not able to talk much whether his team can defend the title in the next season. Given until now the team made by Simon McMenemy still has not announced who the new players and who will survive.

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