Persib Not Worried about Ezechiel and Essien Contracts

Persib Not Worried about Ezechiel and Essien Contracts

Manager Persib Bandung, Umuh Muchtar, said that cooperation contract two foreign stars Maung Bandung, Ezechiel N’Douassel and Michael Essien, will run out after the competition 1st League 2017 Agen Bola Sbobet.

“Only one year until the season is settled,” said Umuh when met after silahturahmi with West Java Police Chief and Commander III Siliwangi on Jalan Trunojoyo, Bandung, Tuesday (26/09/2017).

Umuh added, the contract of both players is planned to be extended for the next season. However, until now management has not fenced them.

The man, known for his mustaches, admits he is not worried about the two star players moving to another club even though some clubs are blatantly glancing at Essien and Ezechiel.

“Quiet aja, who does not want in Persib, sorry sorry ya,” he admitted.

Umuh said, since the club financially improved, Persib never experience the bitter experience left behind by players.

“The player who is already in Persib mah rarely run away, Justu who came out of Persib want to go back again like Spaso (Ilja Spasojevic),” he concluded.

3 Indonesian national team players U-19 This So Threat Philippines

3 Indonesian national team players U-19 This So Threat Philippines

After the success of Myanmar, Indonesia U-19 national team has been waiting for the Philippines in the next game. The Philippines match counter Garuda Nusantara takes place tonight at local time at Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon, Mynamar in advanced Group B AFF Cup U-18 2017.

In the match against Myanmar, Indra Sjafri’s troops show their quality. Indonesia U-19 national team dominated control of the ball up to 67 percent and launched 25 shots, 10 of which led to the goal.

Even so, Egy Maulana Vikri and his friends clearly should not be negligent. The reason is, the Philippines save a dangerous power of shock, especially their attack line. The Philippines had twice the lead over Brunei Darussalam, before losing 2-3.

Mariano Suba and Tacardon are the Filipino goalscorers in the match against Brunei. However, Garuda Nusantara also has a row of players who become a threat for The Young Azkals.

Three key players Indonesian national team U-19 can be a differentiator in the game later. Egy Maulana Vikri, Saddil Ramdani, and Hanis Saghara shine against Myanmar and potentially repeat it.

1.Egy Maulana Vikri

Indonesian national team player U-19, Egy Maulana Vikri. ( Sikumbang)
Egy had a great chance to break the Philippine goalkeeper. Not just any predictions, statistics and performance in the fight against Myanmar could be one of consideration.

Players from Medan that play more flexible, or versatille in the stronghold of Indonesia. Egy can be placed as a second striker or attacking midfielder. In fact, the original position is winger.

The 17-year-old scored twice against Myanmar. The accuracy of the operand reaches 74 percent. It becomes proof Egy is the foundation of the U-19 national team Indonesia.

2.Saddil Ramdani

Saddil Ramdani has a wonderful memory when Filipino opponents are at U-22 level. Persela Lamongan player scored beautiful goals and became one of Indonesia’s 3-0 star victory over the Philippines in SEA Games 2017 ago.

His experience is very useful when strengthen U-19 national team opponents Philippines later. He certainly already knows the typical game of his opponent’s candidate.

The speed and experience of Saddil required Indra Sjafri to tear down the Philippine defense. It is worth waiting for the action at Thuwunna Stadium, Thursday (7/8) later.

3.Hanis Saghara

Hanis gets enough praise after the game against Myanmar. Although not scored, several times he opens opportunities. One of them was 24 minutes when he worked with Saddil who unfortunately did not bear sweet.

Its performance as the spearhead of the team is very much taken into account. Hanis is predicted to be one of Indonesia’s future strikers.

Nevertheless, Hanis should be more mobile again on the front lines. His cooperation with Egy is good. Only, the final solution is less sharp. He at least fired six shots, but did not bear maximum opponents of Myanmar.

Gavin: Asian Cup Qualifiers Make Indonesia Better at SEA Games 2017

Gavin: Asian Cup Qualifiers Make Indonesia Better at SEA Games 2017

Gavin Kwan Adsit has learned a lot from the failure of Indonesia in the U-22 Asian Cup Qualification. He hopes in SEA Games 2017 Indonesia national team will not repeat the same mistakes.

Indonesia was eliminated because it is only ranked third under Malaysia and Thailand. They only picked four points from victory over Mongolia and a draw against Thailand.

Failure of Indonesian national team U-22 in the Asian Cup Qualification U-22 is expected to be a lesson skuat Garuda to perform well in the SEA Games 2017.

“Yesterday against Malaysia and Thailand we have a picture against them. This week we are well prepared for the SEA Games we can get better results, “Gavin said after training at Pelita Harapan School Field, Karawaci, Tuesday (8/7).

While the inaugural match against Thailand on August 15, players from Barito’s club is very optimistic to beat the troops of the White Elephant.

“It was a little muddy, the future situation would be different but we know the players and how they play. So hopefully be able to adapt them in the 2017 SEA Games, “he added.

In addition he also hopes that when the opponents of Thailand later, Luis Milla’s troops did not make a mistake when against Malaysia in the U-22 Asian Cup Qualification.

“The first 25 minutes against Malaysia, we have problems. So this time we have to focus from beginning to end should not be blunders, “he concluded.