3 Young Strikers That Will Increase Pamor Serie A

Pamor Serie A Italian League now began to improve pascakasus calciopoli that occurred in 2006. Slowly but surely, lovers of football re-excited to watch AC Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan, and others compete.

Of course there are a number of factors that cause it. First is the massive revolution made AC Milan. According to Corriere dello Sport, at the beginning of this season alone, there has been an increase of 21,000 spectators. This number is predicted to continue to increase if Vincenzo Montella’s club was able to carve out this season’s achievements.

The second factor is the achievements of Juventus in the Champions League in the last three years. The Bianconeri twice broke through the final even though it ended in defeat. Thanks to that achievement, starting next season, the Serie A vice ranks for the Champions League plus four, with three teams qualifying automatically.

The third factor is the presence of world class star players, such as Paulo Dybala, Leonardo Bonucci, Gianluigi Buffon, Lorenzo Insigne, Ivan Perisic, Andrea Belotti, and many more. Their existence is believed to make the public of football to keep up with the development of the Italian League.

Beyond these three factors, at least there is one more thing that causes the Italian League to remain attractive, namely the number of talented young players who have demonstrated the quality. These young players are able to compete with the players who are older than them. Remarkably again, many of those whose age is still under 20 years old is still considered teenagers.

Indeed, these teenagers occupy various positions, ranging from goalkeeper to striker. For this time, Liputan6.com summarizes three of them playing as stickers. The three attackers are predicted to shine in the future, especially when viewed from four weeks that have rolled in Serie A this season. Here’s the list.

Patrick Cutrone

AC Milan-Cagliari

From a series of names, one of the most attention-grabbing is AC Milan striker Patrick Cutrone. He was only 19 years old, but he has been able to penetrate the senior team of AC Milan since January.

Unmitigated, Cutrone even lowered as a starter in three Serie A matches and two Europa League Qualifying matches. He also answered the belief by scoring 4 goals and 2 assists from a total of 8 appearances so far.

Before being summoned to the senior team, Cutrone had already succeeded in the Milan Primavera. He scored 43 goals and 6 assists in 67 appearances.

Moise Kean

Moise Kean, Wonderkid Juventus Occupy Premier League Club

Next there is Moise Kean. The Italian-Ivorian-blooded player of the season is on loan to Verona by Juventus for one season. The decision was taken so he could get more flying hours for the development of the game.

Age Kean is currently 17 years 6 months 13 days. As far as four weeks have rolled, he has not scored a single goal. He has just downed two times with a total of 108 minutes playing.

However, Kean can not be underestimated. Last season he already proved himself with Juventus. He is played in three Serie A games and once in the Champions League. From that opportunity, he scored one goal in the Italian league. Total, at all levels, last season he appeared in 24 games, scored 14 goals and 5 assists.

Kean is currently incorporated in the Italian Under-17 national team, with a record of 8 goals in 17 caps. Since September 1, he was also given the opportunity to strengthen U-19 national team.

Pietro Pellegri

The young striker Genoa, Pietro Pellegri steals the public attention of Italian football over the weekend. The new 16-year-old scored two goals against Lazio. Amazingly, Pellegrini is not revealed as a starter in the game. He just entered in 33 minutes, replacing Adrian Ricardo Centurion.

“This is a dream come true that I have had since childhood. This is an important night for me and my dad, “Pellegrini told Mediaset Premium, after the game.

Pellegrini is a player of the academy of Genoa. He is the son of Marco Pellegrini, Genoa coach, Ivan Juric. His success was inseparable from his father’s guidance.

“My father has always been guiding my career since I was little. He always drove me the exercise, even though it was cold and rainy. He is the one who always keeps me on the right track in football, while my mother convinces me to go to school, “added the teenager who idolized Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Mirabelli: Milan Want to Open a New Era

Mirabelli: Milan Want to Open a New Era

AC Milan director Massimiliano Mirabelli admitted that his team is trying to create a new era within the club.

Milan managed to bring in 11 new players in the transfer market this summer, and Mirabelli hopes his work is enough to make his team a good achievement.

“I read newspapers, and some people say we still lack a winger and a midfielder who can play wide. I hope the two positions, is the only thing wrong from our team. I think we have done a good job, because doing 11 players’ purchases is not an easy job. ”

“The team needs to be put together, so we can not put too many new faces into the team. On the other hand, January is only shortly thereafter, and we’re ready [to confront the winter transfer market]. ”

“We intend to open a new era. So crucially for us, keeping the average age in our squad, at the right numbers. We have medium-term objectives, and long-term objectives. But naturally, we did not even think about repeating our work in the transfer market this summer. “

Inter Reappear Interests Against Martial?

Inter Reappear Interests Against Martial?

Inter are reported to have revived their interest to bring Manchester United striker Anthony Martial Agen Sbobet.

According to the media, Inter are in search of right-back and winger and once again identify the 21-year-old player to fill the final void.

However, this time the deal will not include Ivan Perisic after the Red Devils failed to meet the Nerazzurri request amounting to 55 million Euros.

This came after Inter stepped back in their bid to clinch the signings of Borussia Dortmund players Emre Mor and Yann Karamoh from Caen.

A few days earlier Martial also got an offer from Tottenham Hotspur, but Jose Mourinho’s club refused to make a deal.

The player also listed in the French national team squad came to the Premier League football scene with Man United in 2015 after previously pursed a career with Lyon and AS Monaco.

Busy Urus Asian Games, Erick Thohir to Release President of Inter Milan

Busy Urus Asian Games, Erick Thohir to Release President of Inter Milan

Erick Thohir insists he will step down from his role as President at Inter Agen Sbobet Casino. However, he also praised the Suning Group for having tripled the financial ability of Inter.

Thohir’s previous position has been marginalized following a purchase made by Sunning Group against Inter’s Inter shareholdings last summer. But Thohir also claimed to have no time for Inter because it currently helps Indonesia in preparing the 2018 Asian Games.

“The Asian Games have forced me out of all my other roles,” Thohir told Tempo, quoted by Football Italia.

“I used to go to Milan every month, but last time I was there in April, so I asked to leave.”

“I need a business partner, and Inter has a lot of fans in China. When Suning’s offer comes up, I think it’s true in terms of finances, but that’s not all. They’ve doubled the club budget. ”

“Football is made up and down, but managing a club like Inter must be sustainable because they have so many fans.”

Then, entrepreneurs engaged in the field of media and event organizer also revealed how he was sad to see Inter achievements that collapsed in last season.

“I’m saddened by how last season, but that’s football.”

“[Suning] asked for my opinion about the players, but I did not get to talk to Coach like before,” said Thohir who also owns shares in MLS, DC United. (Source: Italian Football)

Silvia Chiellini Sindir Bonucci Removals

Silvia Chiellini Sindir Bonucci Removals

The sister of Giorgio Chiellini, Silvia Chiellini quipped Leonardo Bonucci because of the decision taken to move to Milan – “Money Always Wins.”

The Juventus defender will complete his transfer to the Rossoneri today, in a surprise transfer deal and is estimated to be worth 40 million Euros plus a bonus of 2 million Euros.

“Everyone wants him as a captain,” Silvia Chiellini wrote on Facebook.

“They all want it as a new symbol of Bianconero and then … #theGodofMoneyAlwaysWins #NoWords”.

Bonucci with Chiellini and Andrea Barzagli formed the famous “BBC” defense.

Disappointment expressed by Silvia reasoned because Chiellini had expressed confidence that Bonucci will not leave Juventus.

“He will stay with us,”

“Juve can not do it without players like Leonardo.”

“I am sure that he will still be a mainstay of Juve next season,” said Giorgio Chiellini told the media.

While Bonucci in this season has appeared as many as 29 games and has scored three goals.

De Laurentiis: Serie A No Worse From The English League

De Laurentiis: Serie A No Worse From The English League
Aurelio De Laurentiis claims Serie A is no worse than the English Premier League, but must imitate England as a reference Agen casino Online.

The English league is becoming the world’s best-selling league, positioning them as the most competitive league, gaining huge advantage over TV broadcasting rights and most importantly De Laurentiis is playing in the new stadium.

“The English league is the leading league,” the Napoli president said.

“We watched it from pictures and read from various media, but Serie A did not lose: we have fans who give us a lot of passion, though not much broadcast.

“I do not want to question the stadium and their shortcomings, concerning the structure they still have to fix no need to rush to finish it.

“After that, anyone who is at home has the privilege of being a dedicated audience, with innovations being continually applied.

“In this case, we will pursue the Premier League and also narrow the distance with La Liga and Bundesliga.

“Increasing income is also very meaningful, with the aim of investment.”

Aurelio De Laurentiis says Pepe Reina is a fake problem, and he likes young Fiorentina player Federico Chiesa.

De Laurentiis also remembers his club’s performance last season, expressing his hopes for the future and discussing whether Mario Rui or Alex Berenguez will arrive.

“Of course, I hope Napoli can look consistent in terms of less results than the team at the beginning of last season,” said the club president.

“Anyway, we spent a lot of money on injury Milik: Sarri able to cover up the existing shortages, understand the problem Gabbiadini and return Mertens as a striker.

“We also extend the contract of the players, which ensures will last long here.

“That is our policy and I can say that in 14 seasons we never betrayed it: the results can be witnessed by all of you.

“I think Napoli have proven if they can be better than the other teams and the comparison from two seasons ago.

“That can be reflected from the record that we print, the number of points we collect and goals created last season.

“We will start next season with a very young team, which will be much better, thanks to players like Rog, Zielinski, Diawara and also Ounas, who just arrived.

“Reina? That’s a fake problem. Pepe has his contract here.

“Mario Rui or Berenguer? We will decide who will be imported first.

“Berardi? I chose Chiesa, but in the same context, Berardi also has an incredible talent. “