2021 Polestar 1 Review: A Spiffy Hybrid Worth Remembering


Certain, the headlights and taillights are cribbed suitable from Polestar’s Swedish daddy, but every thing amongst them is refreshing as all get-out. This coupe is extended, lower and large, truly breathtaking proportions that stand out in an at any time-expanding sea of SUVs. It’s not a busy design and style, possibly aside from a couple of significant creases to emphasize its power, the carbon fiber overall body panels are absolutely free of unneeded styling cues. Slather it all in a $5,000 coat of flat paint, and you have bought pretty the dialogue starter. No, very seriously: I haven’t obtained this substantially notice driving a car or truck considering the fact that I past had a McLaren.

Though a quick glance via the Polestar 1’s window may perhaps go away you imagining that the corporation nicked the overall cabin from Volvo, you would only be partly ideal. Of course, the general layout is the same, but the materials alternative is far more quality. The Nappa leather seats are endlessly soft with the right amount of money of aid, and there is charming genuine metallic and tasteful matte carbon fiber trim. The Polestar’s solitary-piece crystal shifter is really the sight, as well, and seems excellent when the sunlight hits it… which is fundamentally all the time, as the roof is practically completely glass.

It’s quite apparent that a 6-figure Swedish Hellcat is just not the most practical motor vehicle on the world. Inside storage choices are confined to the glove box, doorway panels and cup holders the centre armrest cubby is so shallow that I can scarcely shove a single Apple iphone 11 Pro in there. Finding into the rear is a hilarious exercise in ready a whole minute for a ability seat to creep ahead, but except if you are a child (in which circumstance, how did you acquire this vehicle?) you would not in shape back again there in any case. In fact, the rear seats are improved off being dealt with as the trunk, mainly because the Polestar 1’s real trunk is mainly stuffed with batteries. Certainly, it can be neat that I can see them by means of a small window, but at 4.3 cubic toes, I barely have room for groceries in what minimal cargo area continues to be.

But the Polestar 1 just isn’t about practicality, and that’s obvious from its powertrain. Underneath the hood is a 2.-liter supercharged and turbocharged inline-4 fuel motor. It mates to an integrated starter-generator and an 8-speed computerized transmission, sending 326 horsepower and 321 pound-ft of torque to the front axle completely. The again 50 percent of the equation is a pair of 85-kilowatt motors that mail 232 hp and 354 lb-ft to the rear tires.

Put it all collectively, and you’ve got bought a meaty 619 hp and 738 lb-ft, sufficient to shove this flat-white rocket to 60 mph in below 4 seconds. Still, owing to the Polestar 1’s dimensions, the acceleration in no way feels brutal or stunning it arrives on right away with that instantaneous electric torque filling the gaps as the inside-combustion engine spins up, but since it all feels so chill as it’s going on, it truly is exceptionally uncomplicated to overshoot posted speed limits.

The Polestar 1’s interior is really Volvo-major, but the substance good quality is greater, and the glass roof lets in a ton of mild.

Andrew Krok/CNET

The Polestar 1 provides multiple driving modes, but only its Ability location unleashes the whole pet dog and pony demonstrate. In its default Hybrid manner, it’ll putt all-around on electrical electricity till I dig deep sufficient into the throttle, and the crossover from EV to ICE is very dang smooth. It can also function completely as an electric powered automobile, but as my esteemed boss pointed out in his assessment of a 2020 product, the Polestar 1’s 5,165-pound control body weight results in being quite obvious when the motor vehicle is only working with 50 percent of its powertrain.

Even so, for the reason that there is certainly a whopping 34-kilowatt-hour battery in the back, the Polestar 1’s electrical range is prodigious. The Environmental Safety Agency estimates an EV-only array of 52 miles, but I was looking at estimates nearer to 60 when topped off. General, the feds claim the Polestar 1 presents 26 mpg merged on the gas motor alone, or 58 MPGe when functioning as a hybrid. Regenerative braking can be boosted by shifting the shifter from D to B, but it can be not true just one-pedal driving. I can cost the battery on the go by activating the Polestar’s 1 Demand manner or I can hold those electrons for afterwards use in Hold method, in the event I am leaving the highway and want to operate all around town streets in relative silence.

Peek into the trunk for a look at all the high-voltage hardware that will make the Polestar 1 as enjoyable as it is.

Andrew Krok/CNET

The rest of the Polestar 1’s underlying bits blend to generate rather the encounter. It rides somewhat stiffly about Michigan’s pockmarked roads, but guess what? I can modify that by popping the hood and changing the Öhlins coilover suspension to dial in some extra smoothness. In its default setting, the suspension handles weight transfer excellently, slicing by way of twisty roadways like a very well-sharpened chef’s knife. The massive Akebono brakes will shut every thing down in a hurry, but they are effortless to modulate in day by day driving. The steering is direct but numb, par for the class these days. All these pieces end result in a grand tourer that is good at hiding its control excess weight when the going gets sinewy.

When it arrives to cabin tech, Polestar once again leans on Papa Volvo. The portrait display screen on the dashboard operates the Sensus Link infotainment method. I like its Google integration, and I like that Apple CarPlay and Android Car only choose up aspect of the monitor when running, but it still will take ages to wake up on a chilly start off and it is really not as responsive as I want it was. The Polestar 2’s homebrewed Android-driven infotainment process is significantly far better, to be honest. Volvo’s security tech is current, and it is as beautiful as ever, covering all the common things like computerized emergency braking, adaptive cruise handle, lane-maintaining support and blind-spot monitoring. I can only picture what it costs to take care of a carbon fiber physique panel protected in matte paint.

Trying to keep Apple CarPlay to only a part of the display is a smart plan, in scenario there is a little something else in the system that requirements accessing in a hurry.

Andrew Krok/CNET

Which provides me to the price tag. The Polestar 1 stickers at a hefty $156,500, together with $1,500 for vacation spot. Toss in that matte paint task, and my tester rings in at $161,500. You are in the proper spot if you want a stand-by itself statement piece, considering the fact that they’re only constructing 1,500 of these and creation ends later this yr.

But if you want to cross-shop, the Polestar 1 is in a peculiar position. You can simply expend that a great deal income on a comprehensive EV, whether it truly is a Tesla Product S Plaid or a Porsche Taycan Turbo S. If you are not fairly completely ready to ditch your interior-combustion motor, the Polestar finds alone staring down excellent segment stalwarts like the Audi R8, Mercedes-AMG GT and Porsche 911. If you’re right after a little something nearer to a grand tourer in flavor, there are the also-great Lexus LC or the Mercedes-Benz SL.

The Polestar 1 is a quite attention-grabbing type of aberration. Considering the fact that Polestar is electrical-only commencing with the 2, what you see right here will by no means be produced once again, nor will Polestar use its underpinnings for potential automobiles. It can be a definitely limited version, and it benefits the courageous consumer with immense design and remarkable effectiveness underpinned by equally outstanding powertrain engineering.


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