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A Kawasaki Jet Ski-Powered Mini Speed Boat

This is the only Jet-Zet that was ever manufactured, it has handbuilt by a Finnish craftsman named Hannu Viren applying mahogany, pine, and the drivetrain from a 1980s-period Kawasaki jet ski.

The boat is a correct pocket rocket, measuring in at just 3.7 meters lengthy and 1.25 meters wide (12.1 ft x 4.1 ft) it weighs just 250 kilograms (551 lbs), and it is powered by a 50 hp Kawasaki jet ski motor capable of up to 35 knots.

Fast Facts – The Jet-Zet

  • The Jet-Zet was created in 1995 by Hannu Viren, a craftsman and skilled woodworker who experienced obtained a functioning 1980s-era Kawasaki jet ski and decided to make a little something altogether exceptional with it.
  • He created a small-scale wood velocity boat with seating for two, the interior composition is made from pine, with maritime plywood to sort the hull. The deck was then veneered featuring inlayed pine in contrast towards the dark mahogany.
  • All exterior going through surfaces on the boat had been then finished with epoxy resin, 5 coats of two-component lacquer, and a closing coat of lacquer utilized in an automotive painting booth for even more longevity versus the features.
  • With 50 hp and a weight of just 250 kilograms, the Jet-Zet can achieve 35 knots with two people aboard, that will work out to 65 km/h or 40 mph.

A Jet-Run Velocity Boat Pocket Rocket

Jet skis and mahogany-trimmed velocity boats usually exist at reverse finishes of the boating earth.

Jet skis stay most preferred with a younger demographic and classic handmade picket runabouts are likely to be popular with an older crowd who can find the money for them, and their frequently high-priced maintenance.

Jet-Zet Speed Boat Kawasaki Jet-Ski 3

Image DescriptionThe inside of the boat is just as nicely detailed as the outside the house, with floors and side-panels finished in mahogany and a darkish green vinyl bench seat. Steering is performed with an X-formed steering yoke and both the skipper and passenger have a spray screen.

A craftsman and woodworker from Finland named Hannu Viren resolved to create a combination of these two watercraft when he obtained a functioning 1980s-period Kawasaki jet ski and experienced a little spare time on his hands.

He crafted the boat employing modern-day wooden boat developing strategies, like maritime ply, pine, and mahogany with many outer levels of epoxy resin to ensure that water will by no means get near to touching the wooden.

Within the boat there is no less focus to element, the floors and aspect-panels are concluded in mahogany and a dark inexperienced vinyl bench seat enhances the deck’s finish. Viren also designed the steering wheel, throttle grip, and window frames from metallic, and there’s a one gauge on the dashboard to present engine RPM.

When questioned in an interview whether he would ever create one more Jet-Zet, Viren replied “I will not make a further one, I really don’t repeat it” – so it would seem not likely a different will at any time be manufactured, generating this boat solely special and no doubt really a discussion piece down at the boat ramp.

Jet-Zet is now coming up for auction with RM Sotheby’s on the 14th of May perhaps in Monaco, it is staying offered with no reserve and you can simply click here to examine more about it or register to bid.

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Illustrations or photos: Jani Talja ©2022 Courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

Jet-Zet Speed Boat Kawasaki Jet-Ski

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