August 17, 2022


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All You Need to Know When Getting Aftermarket Bike Parts

Before making a replacement to any of your bike parts, you have to know where to get the motorcycle part. There are 3 types of motorcycle part replacements you can get in the market. One, OEM motorcycle parts  which are the original spare parts developed by the manufacturer for a specific model or brand. Generally, being brand new and made by the manufacturer, they are expensive.

Your second option is the Used motorcycle parts which have been taken from bikes of the same brand that are no longer running  or have been condemned. They are cheap but you got no guarantee they will last. Remember cheap can be expensive so…

Then we have the Aftermarket motorcycle parts which are third-party motorcycle parts. Meaning they are made by companies not associated with the motorcycle brands and they can fit any brand not a particular brand only.

Buying Guide for Aftermarket parts

Ensure your motorcycle guarantee period is over

All branded motorbikes come with a specific warrant period that becomes null and void if you install an aftermarket product. First, check if your warranty period has expired. If not, go to one of the authorized mechanics for your repairs. Otherwise, you can go ahead and get your aftermarket part.

Research the brand

These are generic brands produced by well-known companies in the motorcycle industry. They all have products that differ in look and feel. Before making a purchase, find out what you are working with. I have come to know that some brands are more expensive, highly reputable, or last longer than others.

Check the quality

If it’s your first rodeo, determining the quality  and compatibility with your ride is challenging. Aftermarket are nearly as good as OEM motorcycle parts so make an informed investment. Read reviews and ask around from mechanics or fellow riders.

Know what you need

You need to fully understand which accessories need to be replaced. In my experience, aftermarket parts come in kits and the only way to avoid buying what you don’t need is knowing the exact part you want. However, in some cases the package pricing is discounted and I like to take advantage of that and stock spare parts.

Shop online

There are many legit and reputable aftermarket dealers online giving you a wider range of options to choose from. Previously, I would waste so much time, money, and fuel physically hunting for small motorbike parts. I later discovered I can get the best value through online discounts and at times free shipping from reputable aftermarket stores.

Being a bike owner is amazing so don’t dumpen the experience by purchasing repairs that won’t service you. Both aftermarket and OEM motorcycle parts will revitalize your motorcycle if the repairs are purchased and done well.