August 17, 2022


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Another Google Maps Annoyance on Android Automobile Could Finally Be Resolved

The way Google Maps has been intended enables the navigation app to offer guidance to drivers as lengthy as it is operating, but as some end users found out lately, this is not generally the case on Android Car.

A lot more exclusively, Google Maps sometimes stops presenting audio navigation prompts during cellular phone calls, a problem that was identified back in the summer and which is still to be settled.

Many other customers have confirmed the similar behavior, explaining that as prolonged as they are talking on the cell phone, Google Maps only presents visible direction, with no audio prompts to notify them which way to go.

Moreover, some others declare that soon after ending the mobile phone simply call, the audio is typically dead wholly in their cars and trucks, and the only correct to carry points back again to usual is to fully disconnect the cell phone and thus reinitialize the Android Vehicle relationship.

In some situations, the audio is routed as a result of the phone speaker following the call finishes, and once more, removing the cable from the mobile system appears to be the only workaround for now.

The fantastic news is that Google has eventually come to be aware of all these troubles, with a member of the Android Auto team claiming all the stories in this regard have been forwarded to the crew for further investigation.

On the other hand, it is vital to keep in head this is no assurance that a whole resolve would be furnished, and what’s more, you’d superior not hold your breath for it in the very first put.

Often, it will take quite a few months for Google to occur up with a workaround, and a lot more usually than not, the company finishes up asking for a lot more feedback and cellphone logs to be able to determine what particularly breaks down an Android Vehicle aspect.

The only dilemma ideal now is that no workaround is recognised to exist, so there is not substantially you can do right until an formal take care of is unveiled, other than stick with the generic answers that entail clearing the cache and the facts of the mounted apps.