August 16, 2022


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App Portals: Cutting Through The Common Types Of Online Marketing Channels

Sales portals, sometimes called sales collaboration platforms, can be anything a salesperson or company uses to reach their customers. But the common use of the word applies more to a central hub for sales content that allows your sales group and others to effortlessly go from one page to another to find everything they need to manage their sales online. Sales portals are useful because you can use them to improve efficiency and reduce costs by making it easier for your salespeople to collaborate on all aspects of your sales process. Below are several common uses of sales portals and how they can benefit your sales department.

Allow sales teams to work together in one place

Sales portals allow sales teams to work together in one place. The central hub is designed to make it easy for your sales team to connect with their colleagues on all aspects of the sales process from order enrollment to financing. In one place, all of your team members will know what’s going on and when new items or services are available, saving them time and energy when contacting different parties involved in the sales process. Sales portals are becoming a part of this trend, with many companies creating their portals and integrating them with CRM or ERP systems to create a central place for sales collaboration.

Helps your sales process to become more efficient

Sales portals are also useful when you want to create your information network to which your employees, vendors, and customers can easily subscribe. Salespeople can use them to post the availability of key business processes, such as invoicing and payments, and links to custom content pages for blogs, press releases, and more. This helps your sales process to become more efficient since the information is not only available in one place, but from one platform, too.

Sales portals can provide your customers with a great way to make their buying decisions. By providing them easy-to-use, searchable links, you can encourage them to use these links to find what they’re looking for. For example, you might provide links to blogs by-products or links to news stories about your company and the products you sell. They can quickly find relevant information without having to scour the web, and they’ll have the added convenience to purchase a product without searching around endlessly for it on the search engines. If you’ve got an online portal, it’s easy to convince someone to purchase by showing them how to use your online portal!

Provide the perfect customer experience

Sales portals can help you provide the perfect customer experience. One of the most common types of online portals is the ones that allow customers to post their feedback. Salespeople can tap into this powerful resource and use it to improve their overall level of service to their customers. Through live chat, you can even receive real-time comments from your customers, helping you to respond to their needs as quickly as possible. Sales leads can also be tracked in a way that marketers can analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. An in-depth customer profile will give you valuable insight into which marketing efforts are working, which aren’t, and which need to be strengthened to see significant improvement.

Help streamline your business process and empower your marketing team

Sales portals can help streamline your business process and empower your marketing team. From instant app downloads to sales leads, there are many ways to transform your business process by using digital channels. Sales leads can be tracked, inventory can be managed with ease, and even critical customer information can be tapped into. Digital channels such as app portals are a must for businesses looking to capitalize on the changing consumer landscape.