At $3,995, Is This Salvage Title 2002 Lincoln Blackwood A Deal?


Nice Price or No Dice 2002 Lincoln Blackwood

Today’s Awesome Cost or No Dice Lincoln is about the jankiest-hunting Blackwood you’re probably to locate and is tainted with a salvage title. Could its quirkiness and price tag make up for these downsides?

With lots of automakers these times settling on two-liter turbocharged 4-cylinders as their engine of choice, it is great to nevertheless have the opportunity designed attainable by the used vehicle current market to choose rather a big thumping pushrod V8 for all your tire-cigarette smoking requirements. Back that up with a reliable handbook transmission and able rear-wheel-drive system and now it’s a whole hootenanny.

That is what we experienced to provide with past Friday’s 2005 Cadillac CTS-V very hot rod sedan. Modest mileage and an satisfactory presentation wrapped up that Caddy’s advantages and somewhat overcame the car’s styling and interior, which, dependent on the opinions, seemingly haven’t aged all that very well. What could not be triumph over was the CTS-V’s $21,500 Purchase-it-Now inquiring value. Looking at as, on Friday, with just a person day left and no bids on even the car’s $15,900 auction opening, we observed the auto tumble in an 82 percent No Dice decline in the voting.

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Speaking of falls, have a glimpse at today’s 2002 Lincoln Blackwood pickup truck and wrap your head about the truth that — despite it staying an off-shoot of the best-marketing Ford F-Collection and a luxury truck thrown into a current market that, at the time was when such items ended up setting up to acquire off — this extravagant-pants pickup unsuccessful miserably in acquiring sales.

So unloved was the Blackwood that it was one particular-and-done for the 2002 product year, handling a pitiful 3,356 units bought in full. That, of program, will make it scarce, and given that it’s nevertheless all forms of kitschy and gauche, it’s also very appealing. Simply because of people attributes, Blackwoods have tended to hold a reasonable volume of price in the made use of truck market place, usually investing in the minimal 5-figures arena. Which is what would make this one’s a lot decreased price intriguing.

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Obviously, there are a couple of motives for the truck’s small price tag so let’s get all those out of the way at the outset. Initially and foremost, there’s the title which is salvage and which usually means at some level in this Blackwood’s background it has suffered some egregious occasion that brought about its insurer to toss in the actuarial towel and pay to have it despatched to the scrapper. Somebody intercepted it along the way and paid out to set it back on the road, now tainting the truck with that scarlet ‘S of a salvage title. A selection of insurers will not seem cross-eyed at a salvage title motor vehicle and while many others might, they might not provide entire protection as a consequence of it. That drives down the desirability of any auto, and therefore the monetary value.

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There’s an additional purpose why this Blackwood is cheaper than most and that is since it is missing its entire again bumper. I signify, it’s gone like a fart on a windy day. And, with so couple of Blackwoods having been created and Lincoln perfectly out of the woods on pieces availability for a model of this age, fantastic luck acquiring a substitution. That is unless you could in some way craft 1 out of a bumper off a related yr Navigator. Hmmm… The Blackwood’s goofy barn door tailgate and difficult tonneau are both of those, fortunately still intact.

You know what I’m imagining is that the back again bumper predicament may possibly very perfectly have been what led to the truck’s latest salvage title standing. It all appears to be to in shape collectively. Or to have fallen aside, as it have been.

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Irrespective of these evident problems, the seller describes the truck as “EXCELLENT” in the ad. It is correct there in the ad’s title, surrounded by several asterisks to aim and elevate the assertion. That’s followed in the description with the claim that the truck “Runs excellent” and has been “always managed.”

It is entirely loaded, expected given that this was a luxurious truck from an American luxurious car or truck builder. Sad to say, some of individuals luxuries, like the leather-based seat upholstery aren’t however living that preferred way of life. There are only 120,000 miles on the truck, and it does have the 300 horsepower 5.4-liter DOHC V8 below the hood, which should give it some beans when wanted. Lastly, the cost is $3,995, which as we famous earlier, is way off what a definitely “excellent” Blackwood usually asks these times.

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The dilemma, of training course, is no matter whether this tainted truck is really worth even that? What do you consider, could this Island-of-Misfit-Toys forged-off be worthy of that $3,995 asking as it sits with its butt hanging out in the breeze? Or, is there just as well significantly heading on in this article to again this Blackwood at that value?

You decide!

Los Angeles, California, Craigslist, or go here if the advertisement disappears.

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