Ridetech Bolt-On Air/Coil Over Suspension For 1965-1979 Ford Trucks


If there is an era of truck that is totally off the charts well known now it is the “bump side” and “dent side” Fords that people today are snatching up as rapidly as doable. They appear magnificent as significant, burly 4 wheel drives but they also glance fully and 100% interesting as lowered trucks with right wheels and vastly upgraded handling abilities. There is one particular capture, however. The “Twin I-Beam” front suspension that these vans experienced is practically extremely hard to make into everything other than what it was from the factory. Unlike other vehicles with standard IFS, these Fords are not just some manage arms, springs and shocks absent from glory. That reported, Ridetech to the rescue.

Guaranteed, people have been performing junkyard swap type stuff with these matters but Ridetech needed to do it suitable and they have devised a thorough suspension package that commences at the entrance of the truck and continues all the way to the again. From the engine crossmember to the rear 4 url, this is not just some slap sprint bandaid predicament. This is a really engineered method that operates fantastically as you will see.

Is it a bunch of get the job done? Yes. Is it the most effective process on the sector? Indeed. Do you need a welder and fabrication competencies? No. This entire factor bolts on. Certainly, there is chopping and drilling, and this is by much not some one day position, but the get the job done you set in will occur again to you in spades the very first time you strike the street. Check out!

Press participate in down below to see the Ridetech coil above/air suspension set up for 1965-1979 Fords!


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