October 5, 2022


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Drifting, The Ultrace Way – Speedhunters


Ultrace’s popular Drift Display sessions are, to me, a single of the most uplifting activities in car or truck lifestyle.

Even though professional drift competitiveness is critical and does not forgive a one oversight, the ambiance on the Ultrace drift study course is the total reverse. Everybody is here for a wonderful time, and they have it in some of the lowest drift autos I’ve ever viewed.


This is Ultrace after all, the Polish car show with stance at its heart.


The Wrocław course runs through a compact driveway and parking space, and consists of a portion of paved stone, which does not feel to fear any one.


De-beaded or completely blown tires are a normal sight, and they do not end drivers from working additional laps.

The spectators like it, and occupy every single vantage issue. It’s pretty much extremely hard to uncover a image spot from earlier mentioned, but I managed to squeeze in among a pair of fellas and snapped a shot I preferred, even if it’s blurry. I assume it flawlessly displays the chaotic character of this drift party.


The Japanese term matsuri translates to ‘festival’, so a ‘drift matsuri’ practically implies a drift pageant, which is basically what the Ultrace Drift Clearly show is.


Hert Eugene Jr. was invited to Poland and provided a elegant yellow BMW with 280hp and zero suspension travel to generate. The livery was inspired by Haraguchi’s famous 326Electrical power Mazda FC as well as Hert’s individual RX-7.


The insanity continued the full day, from 12:00pm to 8:00pm with no let up.

I have to say, in a way the drifting at Ultrace is a lot more of a spectacle than drifting at Gatebil, but as they are fully distinct it is extremely hard to assess them. There is just something so neat about viewing a bunch of road vehicles shredding this road-model study course with out a treatment.


The next early morning it did appear like a battlefield, but no 1 appeared fazed at all. In truth, absolutely everyone happily continued on for a further entire day.


The Poles know how to have enjoyable and acquire a grassroots drift jam to a new level. I’m just delighted that I eventually managed to experience what drifting at Ultrace is all about.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka
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