October 5, 2022


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EV Range Test Roundup: How Far Can the Latest EVs Go?



2022 Audi e-tron

The Audi e-tron has been all over since 2019 and was 1 of the initially EVs we selection-tested (in Sportback type). While it still sports the identical dimension battery (95 kilowatt-hours), Audi built some hardware and computer software optimizations and increased accessible battery potential from the 2021 model year onward. As a consequence, the EPA range estimate has jumped from 204 miles to 222 miles, whilst the use estimate improved from 46 kilowatt-hours for each 100 miles to 43 kWh for the similar distance.

Our 2022 e-tron check car or truck was pretty closely optioned with the Status offer, but it didn’t have the larger sized 21-inch wheels, which can have a negative impact on array. Our car experienced 20-inch wheels wrapped in Goodyear Eagle Activity all-period tires (255/50R 20) inflated to the advisable manufacturing unit pressures (38 psi entrance, 41 psi rear). As equipped, the 2022 e-tron tipped our scales at 5,822 pounds.

Just after a whole day of driving at an average recorded temperature of 67 degrees, which is fairly delicate weather, the e-tron managed to vacation 248 miles, which is a incredibly identical efficiency to the e-tron Sportback we examined two a long time back. This exceeds the 222-mile EPA selection estimate by 26 miles or 11.7%. Our measured intake was also comparatively excellent just after charging the battery back again to total. The 2022 e-tron desired only 38.4 kWh to go 100 miles, which is a 10.7% improvement in excess of the estimated usage.


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