August 12, 2022


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Google Offers Workaround for Critical Android Auto Bug on Android 11

In other words, those who installed the new mobile operating system update on their devices, be they Google Pixels or phones from other brands, came across various problems that more or less made Android Auto unusable.

One of the critical bugs hitting the app makes it impossible to connect to Android Auto after installing Android 11, and Google finally acknowledged the whole thing in a post on its forums a few hours ago.

Furthermore, the Mountain View-based search giant has also offered a workaround, explaining that the only way to go in this case is to just remove the pairing devices and start from scratch with Android Auto in your car.

If you are experiencing connectivity issues with Android Auto on your car display after upgrading your phone’s operating system to Android 11, please follow the steps below as a temporary workaround as we work to resolve this issue,” a member of the Android Auto team explains.

More specifically, what you need to do to apply this temporary workaround is to head over to the settings screen on the Android 11 device and search for Android Auto. Expand the Android Auto menu and tap the option that is called Previously connected cars. Next, click the three-dot menu in the top right corner and select the option that reads Forget all cars.

Doing this would remove your car from the list, so you’ll then have to re-pair the head unit and the Android 11 device to bring everything back to normal.

Most likely, Google will also include a full fix in a future version of Android Auto, but for now, no information on the ETA is available. What we do know, however, is that a new update is expected in the coming days anyway.