How hot are your car’s heated seats?


If not evident to every person by now, winter is in this article, and it is cold. Your ideal mate at the rear of the wheel then, are heated seats – but how hot is heated?

As the clock struck wintertime this 7 days, I’m positive I was not the only 1 to increase ‘heated seats stage 3’ to my morning ‘car start’ regimen.

If you never have them, you want them. If you do, you are going to never ever glance again.

There’s one thing comforting and virtually remedial about owning your kidneys warmed by the electric heating element below your car’s upholstery, but just how sizzling are they?

It is prompt that heated seats work at a array between 30 and 45-degrees.

We did a brief check with a 2022 Subaru WRX (with leather seats) and a simple stage-and-shoot thermometer and found it was someplace in among.

Our regulate surface – the rear seats, returned a NULL outcome from our thermometer which has an functioning array involving 32 and 49-levels. Given the exterior temperature was a brisk 15-degrees, this felt about correct.

Left to warm up for 10-minutes on its highest location, the passenger seat arrived in at just beneath 34-degrees (33.9).

Exactly where the driver’s seat, which I sat in for the exact 10-moment period, got to a significantly toastier 36.4 levels.

Specified this is about the exact as the body’s purely natural temperature, we sense this is a regarded section of the implementation so that they are seat heaters and not seat cookers.

Even so, the web site is identified as Travel not Science, and we’ve exhausted the restrict of our testing apparatus.

To permit us to prove our ‘body temperature’ idea, we’re going to take items up a notch and interact a expert to give us some much more insight. As, in searching into it, there is a great deal much more to heated seats than a toasty bottom.

We’ve obtained a bunch of inquiries we need to have to solution, but if you want to throw in, lets make this a group deal.

Permit us know anything and almost everything you want to know about heated seats, and we’ll get the experts to assistance!

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