August 16, 2022


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How to dispose of toxic family products in Indianapolis these kinds of as paint

We all have them: The aged can of paint tucked on a shelf in the basement. Or the used batteries piling up in a drawer. Or it’s possible some pesticides shoved in a corner of the drop in the backyard. 

These could appear like standard home objects, but they essentially can pose a really serious menace to human wellness and the surroundings if they are not disposed of appropriately. 

In truth, these items and many others tumble under the group of hazardous residence waste. Pouring them down the drain, into storm sewers, on the floor or even just putting them out with the regular trash can create “sizeable” hazards, in accordance to the Indiana Office of Environmental Administration

It is unlawful to open dump or open up burn in Indiana, and all Hoosiers are accountable for adequately disposing of their solid waste — which includes their harmful domestic items.