How to get a duplicate copy of your vehicle registration


Duplicate registration papersMurphy’s Law claims if a thing can get lost, it most almost certainly will. This applies to files, certificates, and the primary registration papers for your automobile. However, do not panic as a replicate established can be comparatively easily received.

Approximated studying time: 1 minutes, 50 seconds.


Having a copy motor car or truck doc this kind of as a registration or deregistration certification is permissible if you have missing or inadvertently destroyed the original, the engine number has modified or the chassis or VIN amount has improved.

In the circumstance of the two latter scenarios, this would arise if you changed the motor or transferred your engine to a new human body.

To get the substitution files you will have to go in individual to your closest registering authority to make the application and you have to have:

  1. Your identity doc
  2. Proof of home these as a utility account. The account should be in your name if not you will will need an affidavit from the proprietor declaring you do live at the address. If you live in an casual settlement, you need to have a day-stamped letter from your nearby ward councillor confirming you are living at that address.

You will then want to complete the Software for replicate registration/Deregistration certificate in regard of motor automobile (DRC) sort and the Declaration in regard of dropped paperwork kind (DCT).

The expenses payable for this change from province to province so it is a good idea to contact the appropriate authority and test up on the expense in advance of likely to the department. It is also recommended to get money as some do not have card services.

As with the charges, the turnaround time may possibly also fluctuate from put to location. In some areas and in larger metropoles, the document may even be handed over promptly. In other areas it could acquire up to seven times to procedure.

The eco-friendly, watermarked form–Certificate of Registration in Respect of Motor Vehicle–is to your automobile what your ID document is to you and is evidence of lawful ownership of the car or truck.

However, if your auto is financed it is probably your lender will preserve the registration documents until finally the vehicle is compensated for and can be transferred into your title. Ought to you will need a copy right before then, you would have to technique the lender.

These are the registering authorities in the main cities and municipalities of South Africa:

Lifestyle comes about and from time to time files go missing but, there are some straightforward actions to getting a copy car registration.

If your auto registration papers go lacking do not worry. It may possibly just take a couple times or months but you can very very easily acquire a replicate established if you need to have to. Simply just adhere to the outlined technique.

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