Lego’s 1500-piece Optimus Prime actually transforms into a truck


Lego has partnered with yet yet another common franchise, recreating its IP with minimal plastic bricks. This time, it is Transformers, the 1980s toy line of robots that adjust into cars and vice versa. The initially set to arise is none other than sequence hero Optimus Prime, leader of the fantastic-person Autobots. Extremely, like the first toy, the Lego robot also transforms into the tractor 50 percent of a semi truck.

The Lego Optimus Key is comprised of 1,508 parts and stands 13.5 inches tall in robotic variety. Luckily, it truly is the original 1980s depiction somewhat than the needlessly complex model from the Michael Bay reboot flicks. In robotic method, it has 19 points of articulation, which is possibly additional than what the authentic toy experienced.

In addition, Optimus will come with a ion blaster gun, an “energon” struggle axe, and jetpack. It also comes with a (the?) Matrix, an orb that bestows leadership on the holder according to series lore, and an energon dice, the glowing Clif Bars digested by the inhabitants of the Transformers universe.

In truck mode, the first Optimus was centered on a Freightliner FL86. The Lego kit isn’t really an specific match for it, but gets the COE kind normally correct. In motor vehicle manner the Lego model actions 10.5 inches prolonged. You can find no trailer like the authentic toy experienced, not even a person you can purchase independently. It’s probably just as well, mainly because its overall look and disappearance in the cartoon was so nonsensical that fans have had to conjure an entire backstory to demonstrate it.

Lego is unquestionably plumbing the depths of 1980s nostalgia, with kits for the Ghostbusters Ecto-1, and the Again to the Potential DeLorean time equipment comprising other modern releases. The Lego Optimus Primary will price tag $169.99 when it goes on sale June 1.

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