Lorry driver had enough of queue cutters on a busy road, proceeds to blare Darude’s Sandstorm at them


As a motorist, you’ve likely encountered your truthful share of queue cutters on the road. The act of queue-cutting is frowned upon as it not only will cause inconvenience to other road people but can also end result in targeted traffic congestion and mishaps.

Recently, a online video of a lorry driver berating queue cutters went viral on social media for motives beyond just exhibiting the consequences of queue reducing. In the moment-extended clip, the male pointed out that motorists who drove together the rightmost lane of a active highway would slice into the exit lane on the significantly remaining to skip the queue, more worsening the website traffic jam.

Even though outlining, a white Perodua Myvi appears to try exactly what the lorry driver explained and finished up powering two other cars and trucks (presumably executing the same factor), stopping in between lanes. At this level of the video clip, the lorry driver shed his amazing and proceeded to honk at the vehicles to demonstrate his irritation and annoyance.

We’ve all heard a lorry’s horn before but what is amusing about this certain lorry is it blared out the tune of the iconic and famous Sandstorm by Finnish DJ Darude. Immediately after a several seconds of the 1999-launched tune, the queue cutters hurried absent, while they can even now be found attempting to merge into the exit lane in the vicinity of the conclusion of the video.

Nostalgia strike aside, it is vital to make absolutely sure that you are in the correct lane just before getting into a junction due to the fact queue-chopping isn’t a extremely wonderful issue to do. Please be thoughtful or abang lorry might occur close to and fill your head with a good deal of “duns.”


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