October 2, 2022


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Mercedes F1 car borrows “a few tricks” from rocket technology


Symonds discussed that technological know-how derived from the aerospace field has served Mercedes to bundle an ultra-economical cooling process that has enabled it to develop the slender sidepod arrangement unveiled on the 1st day of the Bahrain exam.

The major architect of the 2022 regulations, Symonds admitted that he hadn’t expected this sort of a dramatic interpretation of the policies.

“This is a extremely novel tactic,” he explained in an interview with F1 TV’s Ted Kravitz.

“I like to see novel interpretations. I have to say it truly is not just one that I would expected to see. And I am still truly impressed at how they are getting the air by way of to amazing the auto, but they of course are.

“I consider it will have received their rivals kind of heading back to the rulebook with their crimson pencil, and looking at just what they have completed.”

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Symonds admitted that when his team of engineers wrote the regulations and designed a whole-size design of the 2022 motor vehicle, they expected a prerequisite for larger radiator inlets.

“I guess it was just a tiny bit additional radical than we believed,” he said.

“As we created the aerodynamics of this set of polices, certainly, we looked at tons of factors, not just downforce developing, but we experienced to look at brake cooling, experienced to search at tyre heating. And notably, we experienced to seem at motor cooling.

“And we have been using a even bigger inlet than that [on the W13] to get the cooling. I feel on the Mercedes, they have a few little tips in there that support them in this regard.

George Russell, Mercedes W13

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George Russell, Mercedes W13

George Russell, Mercedes W13

Picture by: Mark Sutton / Motorsport Photos

“For example the intercooler, is a pretty, really neat machine. It’s a water/air intercooler, which of program Mercedes have had for a small although, but I feel this is a minimal bit distinct.

“And that is why they can truly shrink wrap this car a minor little bit a lot more than most of the other folks can.”

Increasing on what Mercedes had accomplished, he extra: “The intercooler that I was chatting about arrives from Reaction Engines in Oxfordshire, the people who are doing this form of air-respiration rocket motor, and the type of spin-off from that has been this actually particularly productive heat exchanger technology.

“I think that’s element of the purpose why they’ve been in a position to produce the motor vehicle the way they have.”

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Symonds pressured that all groups have honed their packaging to make sidepods as smaller as feasible.

“A person of the developments we’re looking at, and it’s not unique to these new regulations, but we’re observing that it truly is really, quite hard to commence to package deal all the things into the sidepods,” he reported.

“People imagine what is actually in the sidepods, certainly it is really only the radiators, the warmth exchangers?

“But of study course, there is certainly a great deal additional, there’s a lot of electronics in there. I consider some individuals are transferring that electronics into that keel place.”

Mercedes W13 side detail

© Autosport.com
Mercedes W13 facet element

Mercedes W13 side detail

Photograph by: Giorgio Piola

The sidepods and cooling idea apart, Symonds suggested that absolutely nothing else on the W13 had caught his eye.

“I consider the relaxation of it appears to be like, dare I say, reasonably common – if there is these kinds of a matter as traditional,” he reported.

“The entrance wing therapy, pretty much what we expected to see.

“Rear wing yes, a very little little bit of alter in camber in that all over again, which a good deal of individuals have adopted for this incredibly, extremely very clear sort of path to the lessen rear wing, the sort of beam wing at the back again, which a good deal of individuals are attempting to do now.”

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