Moose and car collide in crash on Massachusetts highway


A moose wandered onto a highway before a car slammed into it, Massachusetts fire officials said.

The moose and car collided on highway Route 122 on Wednesday, June 15, the Oakham Fire Rescue said.

Two people were in the car at the time, and both were injured. Officials did not disclose their current conditions but said they will be “OK.”

The moose died in the crash, CBS Boston reported.

Photos from fire officials showed the car was wrecked. The windshield was broken and the hood of the front of the car was in pieces.

Officials told WCVB the car was totaled after the crash.

Moose collisions happen ”every couple of years” in the town, according to WCVB.

“When you hit a moose, you hit the legs, and then the body of the moose comes down on the passenger compartment right through the windshield,” Oakham Fire Chief Timothy Howe told the Boston Globe.

A similar crash recently happened on a Minnesota highway, according to a previous McClatchy News report. A moose crashed through a car with four passengers.

One person was hurt in the accident as the moose went through the windshield of the 1987 Ford Mustang.

“The moose is Minnesota’s largest wild animal, and Minnesota is one of the few states that have moose,” according to the state’s Department of Natural Resources. “The largest member of the deer family, averaging 950 to 1,000 pounds and sometimes exceeding 1,200 pounds. Its antlers sometimes measure five feet across and weigh up to 40 pounds.”


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