October 5, 2022


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Munro and Associates Offers a Detailed Look of How the Front Seats of the Tesla Model Y Are Bolted to its Battery in New Video – FutureCar.com


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The seats of the mid-2022 Tesla Product Y are bolted to the battery. (Photo: Sawyer Merritt)

Tesla cars typically go through style and design alterations in buy to simplify production or make car or truck advancements to enhance develop top quality. For instance, the new Tesla Product Y SUV getting developed in Austin, Texas considering that May is equipped with a structural battery pack containing the automaker’s new 4680 battery cells. But its the style of the battery that’s 1 of its most exclusive options of any automobile at any time built and a person of the factors Tesla is primary the industry in EV engineering.

For the mid-2022 Product Y becoming developed at Tesla’s new gigafactory in Texas, the front seats are bolted instantly to the structural battery pack. During output, the complete pre-assembled battery pack alongside with the entrance seats are installed in the motor vehicle employing 38 bolts found around the perimeter of the battery pack.

The full battery assembly weighs roughly 1,198 lbs, according to Michigan-primarily based automotive engineering and consulting firm Munro and Associates, which not long ago performed a specific teardown of a 2022 Model Y crafted in May perhaps in Texas.

Munro is nicely known for documenting Tesla’s highly developed car engineering with thorough teardowns that are cautiously documented. The firm’s most current video presents a thorough initial glance at Tesla’s new structural battery pack for the Product Y.

The Product Y battery with the hooked up seats and heart console was initial unveiled in Oct 2021 at Tesla’s Berlin gigafactory and again at Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo function in Texas this earlier April. But the recent Munro video gives a a lot more specific appear on how its built.

Munro and Associates performs comprehensive teardowns of production automobiles in order to examine their development. These in depth engineering teardowns are then bought to automakers and suppliers who use the data to make design enhancements and slash generation expenses.

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 10.57.32 AM.png

Munro and Associates eliminating the Model Y’s battery pack from underneath with the seats and centre console continue to attached.

Automakers usually outfit a vehicle’s cabin with the seats carpeting and dashboard in direction of the final stages of motor vehicle assembly. But Tesla bolts the front seats of the Model Y to a steel assistance construction on top of the battery pack prior to it is set up in the auto, alongside with the carpeting, middle console and other low-voltage electrical connections.

Structural battery packs are a new structure for EVs, they let for the heavy battery to provide as structural help, which greater guards the batteries as very well as occupants in the occasion of a collision. For the redesigned Model Y, the entrance seat occupants are essentially sitting atop the battery, which is then surrounded by the rest of the body and chassis.

In the modern online video published on YouTube, Munro President Cory Stueben and Direct Engineer Julian Aytes walk viewers by way of the manufacturing methods and factors of the Product Y’s battery, as well detailing how Tesla installs the complete assembly in the vehicle for the duration of generation, seats and all. Needless to say, its amazing and a intriguing piece of automotive engineering. 

“When we dropped this (battery) from the automobile it practically drew a group of 30 to 40 folks at Munro,” mentioned Steuben. “It is a thing we haven’t found, seriously ever.”

Steuben identified a creation identification label affixed to the battery with the inner portion selection “MY_ GFT- GA1 – SOP”. The letters SOP stand for “Seat-on-Pack.”

When Munro’s staff first noticed the Model Y’s new structural battery with the front seats hooked up, it captured their notice, Steuben defined.

At the time, firm CEO Sandy Munro pointed out to Stuben that Tesla was putting in the seats and carpeting on to the battery to start with, then putting in the overall assembly in the car. Steuben was a little bit skeptical, as this experienced never been accomplished prior to in the car field. The two produced a welcoming bet on who was appropriate, which Steuben dropped.

“When we to start with saw these seats on the pack, there was no way they have been going to mount the seats and the centre console then shove it up in the vehicle,” Stueben recalled expressing to CEO Sandy Munro. But that is accurately what Tesla was executing.

The stamped steel top rated protect of the battery assembly is a dual function ingredient. It really is created to shield the cells, but it also serves as the cabin flooring of the Design Y. With the pack eradicated, the total floor is just an open room. Standing less than the Design Y on a lift, you can see out by way of the glass sunroof.

“It really is completely brain blowing to be standing below a car on a hoist and have completely nothing at all for the flooring framework,” mentioned Steuben. 

“At Munro and Associates, we have seen the evolution of the car market for the past 30 to 40 yrs,” claimed Stueben about the one of a kind style and design. “The degree of refinement and integration is unbelievable.”

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 11.03.44 AM.png

A look at from underneath the Product Y with its structural battery pack eradicated.

Steuben explained that Munro and Associates will go on to tear down the Product Y to document the incremental car improvements remaining launched by Tesla. Other style and design adjustments for the mid-2022 Design Y are improved superior-voltage cable routing in the “frunk”.

“Tesla is continually improving and we are going to doc all of those micro-level advancements. “It is this stage of advancement and this amount of integration that we love to obtain.”

The next ways for Munro are to additional disable the new Product Y’s battery pack to see how the unique cells are arranged. Having said that, this move could prove a lot more difficult. 

The older battery style and design of the Product Y uses a leading stamped metal cover which is bolted to the bottom protect. The top rated can be effortlessly lifted by getting rid of all of the bolts. But the new cover in the 2022 Product Y works by using self-tapping rivets that are far more hard to take away without having harming the battery housing.

In the in the vicinity of foreseeable future, Munro and Associates programs to produce a different 6 to 10 online video episodes that emphasize the highly developed engineering of the Product Y.

Munro is also offering new specific 4680 battery cells from the Austin-developed Model Y for $800 every single to Tesla admirers that want to individual a piece of the firm’s heritage. Each 4680 Design Y mobile will occur in a little glass jar in epoxy and a custom card that identifies the cell’s uniqueness. 

Munro and Associates also carried out a teardown of the Product 3 when it was released in 2018.

You can view the whole video clip down below:

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=FXpfU6I_T3w



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