Nigel Mansell To Auction off His Personal F1 Collection


By James Broughton, May 8, 2022

Nigel Mansell is selling his race-winning collection of Formula One cars, the 1989 Ferrari 640 and the 1991 Williams FW14. Mansell was one of the top drivers of his era. However, his early start at Lotus in 1980 was indifferent due to reliability issues and an initial lack of experience. Mansell was fast and brave, the latter won over legions of fans. His switch to Williams crank started his winning ways and later brought him to the attention of Enzo Ferrari.

Nigel Mansell was the last man to be personally selected to drive for the Scuderia by Enzo Ferrari before he passed away, which in Italy is seen as a high honor. Mansell had a troubled pre-season start, the Ferrari 640 was proving to be delicate and unreliable.

Despite reliability issues, Mansell went on to win the first race of 1989 F1 season in the iconic 640 and in doing so wrote himself into the hall of Ferrari legends. After two seasons at Ferrari Mansell rejoined Williams in 1991 who provided him with the FW14.

The Williams FW14 was fast but unreliable, when it worked it was the class of the field. This car was involved in perhaps the greatest race of them all, the 1991 Spanish Grand Prix which was more like a drama than a race.

The 1991 Spanish Grand Prix was an epic duel between Mansell and Senna, a race that Mansell went on to win. The Ferrari 640 and Williams FW14 belong to Mansell, one could say they are spoils of victory which are now being put up for auction.

Interestingly Mansell has resisted the thought of selling his 1992 championship-winning FW14-B. The Nigel Mansell F1 collection will be auctioned by RM Sotheby’s which will take place alongside the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique on 14 May 2022.

Nigel Mansell to auction his F1 car collection


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