October 5, 2022


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Rent a Lamborghini in Los Angeles

Rent a Lamborghini from the cars and caviars in Los Angeles at extremely cheap and affordable prices without compromising the quality of travel, as the comfort and happiness during the travel is first step towards the success and performance after reaching the final destination. Cars and caviars is the best Lamborghini rental service in the Los Angeles with the providing of a day long free rental to customers and also the free caviar and cigars to customers from the company for making their journey best journey of their lives. It was never been as easier as now to book a Lamborghini of your choice by selecting the date and time of your desired days from your home to the best and the beautiful places of Los Angeles, these places can be the beautiful and hot beeches, the universal studios theme park, Los Angeles zoo etc .rent a Lamborghini in Los Angeles and visiting these beautiful places at Lamborghini is big plus with the family or the friends and especially with the girl friend by booking online with your phone the choice of your Lamborghini at very affordable prices. For renting the Lamborghini you must have the copy of your driving license and the insurance cover which is taken by the company on your arrival for picking the Lamborghini towards the travel destination of your choice in Los Angeles. The charges of rental by the company for the 1 day are $1400 plus the (8.25%) taxes and the credit card processing fees of (0.75%) equals a total of $1526 will be charged to the card on your arrival for picking the Lamborghini for the beginning of journey towards your favourite travel destination of Los Angeles. The total sum of $5000 will be charged by the company from you in order to begin the journey by the Lamborghini there will be the deduction from these $5000 for any extra miles driven by you during the journey beyond the prescribed limit allowed by the company and any other accidental loss or damage to the Lamborghini by you, on returning from your journey there will be the assessment and inspection of your Lamborghini and after the assessment any excess cost will be deducted from these $5000 deposit. There will be 50 free miles a day will be given from the company and the $4 a mile will be charged from any extra mile driven by you beyond the specified miles limit allowed by the company, any extra miles driven, not returning with a full tank, damage to the vehicle and not the returning of your Lamborghini on the prescribed time will be the deducted from the $5000 and plus the rental charge of that day and the remaining amount will be transferred back on your credit card. The ride of the Lamborghini with your family, friends and even with the girlfriend towards the beautiful and amazing tourist destinations of Los Angeles are unforgettable and the beautiful moments of life which cannot be interlinked with the financial cost. These perfect and the amazing moments cannot be calculated in the financial terms and in fact has no money which can purchase these best moments of lives and the ride on the Lamborghini which is one of the modern cars is everlasting experience of your life.