TESTED: 2022 BMW iX SUV Crushes EPA Range Estimate in the Real World


Testing the iX in the true earth

Edmunds checks every new electric powered vehicle on the same real-world driving loop to see just how much it can travel from a comprehensive demand down to zero miles remaining. If you scroll by our EV vary leaderboard, you’ll see that most EVs have matched or exceeded their EPA variety estimates in our testing. Significantly of that has to do with our capability to examination in around ideal ailments yr-spherical.

Our iX xDrive50 examination motor vehicle was geared up to the nines with almost every single deal and option, considerably less BMW’s laser headlights. Including the Sport package deal bumped our standard 20-inch wheels up to 22-inchers wrapped in summer tires (Bridgestone Alenza 275/40 R22) and inflated to the factory-suggested pressures of 39 psi and 46 psi entrance and rear, respectively. The huge wheels are wherever our iX’s certain 315-mile EPA estimate arrives from experienced we tested a person with the regular 20s, the EPA projection would have jumped to 324 miles. Our configuration carries an EPA usage estimate of 39 kWh/100 miles, which is incredibly successful for something this massive.

At the test keep track of, we weighed in our iX at 5,707 lbs, which is just about specifically 400 kilos more than a BMW X5 M with its twin-turbo V8 and a total tank of gasoline (5,309 lbs .).

Drumroll, please. About the program of a whole day of driving our 2022 BMW iX at an best average temperature of 73 levels, we managed to journey a total of 377 miles. As of this producing, that’s the fourth-finest array number at any time recorded in Edmunds’ EV tests. What’s much more, it truly is 33 miles apparent of the earlier electrical-SUV champ, the Ford Mustang Mach-E California Route 1 (344 miles). Our VBox GPS facts logger confirmed the iX’s excursion meter to be precise to the mile, so this end result is fully vetted. At 62 miles much more than the EPA estimate, it is really a laudable 19.7% advancement, topping even the BMW i4, which outperformed its estimate by 18.1%.

So how a great deal did all those 377 miles value?

When the complete variety of a auto proceeds to dominate the EV dialogue and will very likely be a well-liked speaking point for the iX, electricity usage is an critical element as nicely. Electrical power consumption is what establishes how a great deal your miles will cost you. The unit of measurement for consumption, the kilowatt-hour, can be assumed of as the EV equivalent of a gallon of gasoline. Just like gas, the price of electrical energy may differ dependent on in which you stay. For illustration, you’ll spend about 10 cents for every kWh in Idaho as of this producing, whilst in Hawaii it will run you about 42 cents.

So, what can BMW entrepreneurs expect to shell out at “the pump”? After charging the battery back to total, we calculated an amazing Edmunds use charge of 32 kWh/100 miles, which is 18.% extra effective than the EPA estimate of 39 kWh/100 miles and even bests some smaller sized autos, together with the all-wheel-drive Ford Mustang Mach-E and BMW’s possess i4. Based mostly on that 32-kWh/100-mile intake amount, if we lived in Hawaii, our 377-mile journey in the iX would have value us $50.67, though if we lived in Idaho, that same journey would have price tag just $12.06.

If we assess the iX to its most economical competitiveness, the Tesla Product X Lengthy Assortment (35 kWh/100 miles), the exact same 377 miles in the Tesla would have charge $55.42 in Hawaii and $13.20 in Idaho. The the very least effective SUV we’ve examined, the Audi e-tron (38.4 kWh/100), would have expense $60.80 and $14.48, respectively. It’s worth noting that none of the latest EV SUVs can match the iX on variety, so putting aside performance, remaining ready to address this sort of distance on a one demand is a significant differentiating variable.


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