October 5, 2022


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Town in Alaska Launches Cars off Cliff at Annual Event


Each and every household has their individual traditions about the vacations. When the 4th of July comes all-around, some do picnics, some keep at property and barbecue. Some family members observe fireworks shows, some others observe 13 distinct cars get jettisoned off a cliffside. What? Is the latter of people not your preferred festivity come Independence Day? Then evidently you should not be a resident of Glacier Check out, Alaska.


Glacier See is dwelling to the aptly named Glacier Perspective River Retreat. This campground location at this time only has one particular overview on Google as of this composing, but at least it’s a 5-star overview. One thing tells us there would be a lot more of them if folks realized about the 4th of July car or truck start party they’ve been keeping each and every calendar year given that 2005. And when they say it is a vehicle launch, they’re not joking or using hyperbolic language, they are virtually launching cars more than a 300 foot cliff.

Two car launch tracks are managed, one particular in which cars and trucks are guided by a railroad keep track of that attaches to the steering arm of the automobile, and another in which the steering wheels are ratchet strapped straight with an open up throttle. If this nonetheless appears risky, nicely certainly, there is inherent possibility in anything at all like this. At least no one is driving this points and bailing out at the past next. Even nevertheless that would make items additional appealing reside free or generate hard…over a cliff.


The h2o has a barrier on one side, and trees to the other. These support to funnel autos to the water, where its momentum would sluggish to a halt and its wrecked carcass could be quickly collected. Drinking water is nature’s capture fence, right? Soon after the function the automobiles and their assorted pieces are rounded up and recycled cleanliness is upcoming to godliness following all.

Probably you’re pondering why you haven’t recognized about this for the very last 17 years. Well, it’s not like Alaska is the most culturally appropriate state in the union- taking into consideration it’s not precisely contiguous.

If you are curious as to how the custom begun, Motor vehicle and Driver interviewed just one of the event’s founders, Arnie Hrncir. Prolonged story short, Hrncir’s wife hit a moose in their Volvo, and the moment he realized it was not worthy of fixing, he ran it off a cliff to dispose of it. Brain you, Automobile and Driver does not delve into the environmental or authorized implications of no matter if or not you really should be disposing of automobiles this way, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say that you most likely shouldn’t observe in Hrncir’s footsteps, or tread marks in this circumstance.


There you have it, the 4th of July tradition you didn’t know you desired in your everyday living. We’ll be sincere, it does appear a little bit foolhardy, but then all over again a federal government report from 2020 suggests fireworks ended up liable for 15,600 emergency place personal injury visits. So what’s crazier, launching vehicles off a cliff, or explosions in residential neighborhoods? At the really the very least we know which 1 isn’t likely to terrify our pet dogs to no end.

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