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Used Aston Martin DB9 (2004-2016) review



No Aston Martin could at any time be identified as mainstream, but with much more than 20,000 DB9s built, this is one particular (fairly speaking) mass-created Aston that’s desirable for so lots of causes. The appears to be like alone will most likely make you want 1, but the effectiveness and luxurious cabin also make the DB9 very alluring. The icing on the cake is the superb soundtrack from the V12 motor, though operating expenditures are fairly manageable also, while there’s no such factor as a inexpensive – or cheap-to-operate – DB9. If you do make your mind up that there’s a DB9-sized gap in your daily life, be well prepared to travel to obtain the proper car and really don’t even take into account any DB9 that does not have a full provider history, with maintenance undertaken by a reliable impartial Aston professional.

Considering the fact that 1913, Aston Martin has created some of the most attractive and magnificent sporting vehicles. They’ve generally been highly-priced to obtain and run, but depreciation has brought the DB9 within access. It’s nearly two a long time considering the fact that the initially a single was manufactured, but it however looks beautiful, sounds fantastic and is really fast. This may well all sound like a recipe for a string of enormous and unaffordable costs, but if you obtain perfectly, a DB9 needn’t cost a fortune to run.


The Aston Martin DB9 coupé replaced the DB7 in spring 2004, with a 450bhp 5.9-litre V12 engine and manual or automated transmissions. By the autumn there was a Volante convertible. In July 2006 an optional Sport Pack was released with reworked suspension, then in 2008 peak ability was boosted to 470bhp, when the computerized transmission and chassis were tweaked.

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A facelift in July 2010 introduced adaptive dampers and up-to-date styling, then in 2012 electricity was boosted to 510bhp, the bodywork was refreshed and the lights was revised. Carbon-ceramic brakes grew to become common, too, and substitution fees for these are higher. The 547bhp DB9 GT appeared in September 2015, with enhanced multimedia techniques and small changes to the bodywork, then the remaining examples were being designed in 2016.

Which just one should I invest in?

Manual DB9s are quite scarce and very sought right after the extensive greater part of DB9s are autos. Handbook-gearbox cars are extremely collectible and while the car (dubbed Touchtronic 2) is best if you just want to cruise, the handbook transmission is outstanding. If you want a sportier edge, try and come across a vehicle with the Activity Pack this introduced a lowered trip peak and stiffer suspension, as well as redesigned alloys.

Aston Martin continually developed the DB9, with improved multimedia, braking, protection package, electric power, lighting, dealing with, cabin excellent and so on. As a final result, you’re very best off getting the latest car that you can, moreover you also require to verify which possibilities were initially decided on, mainly because some illustrations are additional extremely specified than other individuals.

Choices to the Aston Martin DB9

The Aston’s most apparent rival is the Maserati GranTurismo (plus its open-prime GranCabrio sibling), which delivers magnificent seems, functionality and soundtrack with a slightly dated cabin – a lot like the Aston. The Porsche 911 is readily accessible and comes with a huge product array, while the Bentley Continental GT and GTC aim extra on luxurious, with considerably less of a sporting edge – though they’re however ferociously rapid.

Mercedes presents several contenders: the AMG GT, SL and S-Course coupés could all be witnessed as rivals, whilst the Ferrari 599 GTB and its predecessor, the 575M Maranello, are also entrance-engined, V12-powered GTs. These are arguably focused on performance rather than luxurious, but they nonetheless make excellent very long-length cruisers. You could also take into consideration an Audi R8 or a Jaguar XK or F-Style.

What to seem for


If they’re not abused, clutches final 20,000-25,000 miles. When a new a person is because of, you can bank on expending all over £2,000.


Coil packs can fall short, but are not as well high priced to swap. There’s 1 for every of the 12 cylinders, but they can be changed individually.


The aluminium bodywork can corrode verify the edges of each panel. Restoring bonded panels is a specialist career, so be wary.


The brake pads never appear to be to be extremely resilient, so think they’ll want to be replaced ahead of extensive. If they are left unattended, the discs will be broken.

Prevalent faults

Unsurprisingly, the DB9 isn’t a car or truck we have had a large amount of feedback on, but a person proprietor has reported build good quality issues on a 2008 instance.


Aston retained the identical sprint through the DB9’s life. It appears to be extraordinary and there are a lot of top quality materials, but the ergonomics are poor, many thanks to haphazard switch placement, while the seat and steering column adjustment is minimal, making it difficult for tall motorists to get cozy. Rear-seat area is nearly non-existent, as is boot space the coupé can stow just 186 litres, and the Volante 172.

Working prices

The DB9 desires a company just about every 12 months or 10,000 miles, alternating amongst small and big. These are priced at £805 and £840, whilst around a 10-year cycle, there are some marginally greater expenses.

The oil of a manual-gearbox product will have to be replaced at the fourth support, which provides £220 on automatics, the diff oil should be renewed instead, including £130. The fifth company costs £920 due to the fact of fresh new coolant the seventh entails the substitution of all spark plugs, adding £1,150. The brake fluid wants to be renewed each and every other yr, but there are no cambelts to swap. These price ranges are from an Aston supplier an independent specialist need to be in a position to lessen your prices.


Aston Martin has issued 9 recalls for the DB9, the initial in November 2005. Other folks arrived in August 2009, Oct 2010, May possibly 2013 and July 2014. Overheating seats induced a recall in December 2014 shorter circuits have been powering the following two, in April 2016 and December 2017. The most new remember (also in December 2017) was down to defective computer software in the computerized gearbox.

Driver Electricity owner gratification

As you could expect, the DB9 has never ever showcased in any Driver Electricity survey mainly because it did not market in massive more than enough numbers. Similarly, Aston does not seem in our Brands survey. When these cars were new, quite a few entrepreneurs were unhappy by poor reliability and ergonomics, but now DB9s are modern-day classics and invariably made use of sparingly, they’re commonly appeared upon additional favourably.


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