July 1, 2022


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Volvo Trucks Shows New Zero-Emissions Truck

Envision a truck that only emits h2o vapor, provides its very own electric power onboard and has a vary of up to 1 000 km. It is achievable with gasoline cells run by hydrogen, and Volvo Trucks has began to take a look at motor vehicles making use of this new technology.

Volvo Trucks Zero Emissions

To decarbonize transportation, Volvo Vehicles already provides battery electrical vehicles and vans that operate on renewable fuels, this sort of as biogas. In the 2nd half of this decade, a third CO2-neutral option will be included to its products portfolio – gasoline cell electrical vehicles driven by hydrogen.

The gas cell electrical trucks will have an operational range equivalent to lots of diesel trucks – up to 1000 km – and a refueling time of considerably less than 15 minutes. The whole bodyweight can be around 65 tons or even better, and the two gasoline cells have the ability to produce 300 kW of electric power onboard.

Shopper pilots will get started in a number of a long time from now and commercialization is planned for the latter part of this ten years.

“We have been building this technological innovation for some decades now, and it feels excellent to see the initial vans productively managing on the examination monitor. The blend of battery electric and gasoline cell electric powered will enable our clients to absolutely do away with CO2 exhaust emissions from their vehicles, no make a difference transport assignments,” suggests Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks.

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